Fitness Training Courses Inverness

Here at Bodycore we provide fitness training courses to people in Inverness and the surrounding areas. We work with a team of people who are highly skilled and motivated when it comes to helping to guide people through their chosen course. The amazing testimonials from previous customers speak for themselves and show people just how good we as a business are in helping you to gain the qualification that you are hoping for from your fitness training course in Inverness.

We have a wide range of fitness training courses on offer so we are certain that we have something for everyone. Our courses are regulated and standardised by CIMSPA and ACTIVE IQ and we can provide level 2, level 3 and level 4 personal training courses. We are also proud to say that we are the only UK company to provide 1-2-1 CPD courses and PT mentoring.

The fitness training courses that we can offer to people in Inverness include:

  • gym and pt combi course
  • level 2 gym instructor course
  • level 3 personal trainer course
  • level 4 advanced pt course
  • level 4 strength and conditioning course
  • total performance package

Our website goes into more detail on each of the courses, explaining which each one involves, what is required to gain entry onto it, the cost etc, however, if you still require further information then please feel free to contact us and we will happily help. We can also offer advice if you are unsure of which course would be best for you for what you are looking to do career wise.

So, if you live in Inverness and are looking for fitness training courses then why not get in touch with us today.

Become A Personal Trainer Peterhead

Are you looking to become a personal trainer in Peterhead? Maybe you are looking for a change of career for the new year and need a reliable company who can help you to achieve this, if this is the case then look no further.

Here at Bodycore we have helped many people to achieve their dreams and we continue to do so. The staff who work here are committed, hardworking, friendly and helpful and want to help you to succeed in whatever course you choose to complete with us. We will give you the advice you need should you require it with help in how to become a personal trainer in Peterhead.

If you choose us as your training provider to help you to become a personal trainer in Peterhead or the surrounding areas then you can be certain that you will be provided with a mentor who will keep you motivated and get you through the course with your hard work and commitment too of course.

We have a range of courses that you can choose from as we want to ensure that we cater for everyone who comes to us. Below we will list some but you will be able to see the full range by going onto the courses section of our website.

Our courses include:

  • level 2 gym instructor
  • level 3 personal trainer
  • gym and pt combi course
  • level 4 advanced pt course
  • level 4 strength and conditioning
  • total performance package
  • spin instructor course

Our website gives more information on each of these courses, including what it involves, the qualification it gets you and the cost.

The personal training courses that we offer start weekly and are embedded with the pt business qualification which is an area that people who use us comment positively on. So, if you live in Peterhead and are looking to become a personal trainer then why not contact us today and get started.