PT Courses Ayr

Here at our company we offer PT Courses to people in Ayr and the surrounding areas and we have done now for many years so we would class ourselves as one of the leading training providers around. We do our very best to offer as many courses as possible to ensure that we have something to suit everyone. We have worked with many people over the years we have been a company and in this time we have helped people who were looking for a career change as well as people who wanted to gain further qualifications.

The staff who work at Bodycore are highly knowledgeable so will do whatever they can to help whether it be offering advice or answering any questions you may have when it comes to PT courses and deciding which one is best for you. On our website there is a list of the available courses in Ayr, each of these courses has information on what is involved with each, what qualification it gets you on completion and what kind of jobs you can get when the course is finished and you are qualified, the prices are also available for you to see so that you know the cost involved.

There are many reasons for choosing Bodycore as your training provider for PT courses, these include:

  • gaining an internationally recognised ACTIVE IQ qualification
  • 1-2-1 mentorship with your chosen PT mentor, this mentorship offers daily text support, weekly gym based immersion sessions and monthly HUB
  • training days
  • guaranteed job interview
  • finance available
  • free unlimited exam rewrites

Above are just some of the reasons, there are many more though that you can read about on our website.

So if you are looking for a company who are passionate about and committed to what they do then you should check out the PT courses that we offer to people not only in Ayr but all over.

PT Courses Dumfries

Here at Bodycore we provide a range of PT courses that people in Dumfries and the surrounding areas can choose from. We have been offering courses for many years now and would class ourselves as one of the leading course providers around. The PT courses that we offer are mentor led and easy to book, all you have to do is select the course that you want to complete and we will assign an independent mentor to you who will help to guide you through your course whilst offering you the advice and help that you may need. The mentors who work with us are all friendly and hardworking and will do their best to get you through the course, offering as much support as you need.

The courses that we offer to people in Dumfries and all over for that matter includes:

  • level 2 exercise to music
  • level 2 gym instructor
  • level 3 personal trainer
  • level 2 gym and level 3 pt
  • level 4 advanced pt
  • strength and conditioning
  • total performance

Above are just some of the many courses that we as a training provider can offer, however, there are many others that can be found on our website. You can also read more about the above mentioned courses on the website, details such as cost, who the course is suitable for, what qualification you will get on completion and what sort of job you can get with the qualification that you gain.

The PT courses that we provide to people in Dumfries are internationally recognised ACTIVE IQ qualifications which are a platinum standard of professional qualification endorsed by REPS and CIMSPA. We also offer unlimited free exam rewrites and finance should you require it to help fund your course and get you the qualification that you are looking for.

So why not get in touch with us today if you live in Dumfries and are looking for PT courses. You can call us or send us an email and we can help answer any questions which you may have or we can get you booked onto the course that you are looking for.