Gym Instructor Course Glasgow

The gym instructor course in Glasgow that we provide is proving to be a very popular choice for people. Here at Bodycore we can help everyone who comes to us whether you have not long finished school or whether you come to us looking to do a course for a career change.

Our gym instructor course in Glasgow will provide you with everything you need in order to become a level 2 gym instructor. The qualification is internationally recognised too which will enable you to work in different places.

When you sign up to complete a course with us you will be assigned a mentor who will help and support you through the course. Your mentor can be accessed through face to face sessions, FB messenger, text and email. Mentoring is invaluable as it allows you, the student, interaction with a successful and inspirational PT mentor. These mentors will help you prepare for assessments and will set SMART goals for the following week.

With our gym instructor course in Glasgow you will learn lots including:

  • how to train learners to a professionally competent level
  • how to develop learners knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how it relates to fitness and exercise
  • how to provide learners with an awareness of health and safety in an exercise and fitness environment
  • how to develop learners ability to plan and deliver safe and effective gym sessions

Above we have listed some of what you will learn on our course, however, there is much more that you can read about on our website.

So, if you are considering becoming a gym instructor in Glasgow and you are looking for the right course for you then why not get in touch with us today and speak to one of our friendly, helpful team. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, give you anymore information should you require it or help you get booked on the course if you need help with that.

Personal Trainer Courses Scotland


Here at Bodycore Training we offer different personal trainer courses to people in Scotland depending on what they are looking for.  Some people may be looking for a course to get them started in the fitness industry whilst others may be looking for something more advanced but whatever you are looking for we can help you.

The personal trainer courses that we provide to people in Scotland and the surrounding areas include:

  • level 3 personal training course
  • level 2 gym and level 3 pt
  • level 4 advanced personal training

As you can see from above we have listed some of the courses that we provide, however, there are many more than you can read about on our website so that you can find the one that suits you.

If you choose to do one of our personal trainer courses in Scotland then you can be sure that you will get all the help and support that you require to help you to achieve your certification. When you have picked your course you will be assigned a PT mentor who is within your location. This mentor can offer text support, weekly gym based immersion sessions and monthly HUB training days. Having been through the course themselves they are in a great position to offer you support and help.

All of our personal trainer courses in Scotland are internationally recognised ACTIVE IQ qualifications. This is a platinum standard of professional qualification which is endorsed by CIMSPA and REPS.

There are many reasons why in completing a personal trainer course with us in Scotland you would be making a great choice, these reasons include:

  • unlimited time to complete the course
  • free unlimited exam rewrites
  • finance options
  • guaranteed job interviews

Above are some of the reasons, there are others though so why not come and find out for yourself just what we as a company can offer you.