A Personal Trainer’s Role Goes Beyond the Gym Floor…

BODYCORE Training is committed to the personal and professional development of our trainees. We aim to build strong, successful, and inspiring Personal Trainers, PT MENTORS™ and health practitioners.

Once you are a qualified PT you will be stepping into a demanding but rewarding role. The ability to multitask is vital to your success.

Check out some of the duties you can expect to fulfill on a daily basis:

Health and Nutrition advice

Your clients’ health and wellness journey isn’t confined to the gym floor, you need to ensure they are taking their nutrition and lifestyle choices into consideration too.

It is up to you to educate clients about these areas in order for them to obtain real and long-lasting results.

Regularly conducting client fitness assessments will allow you to track their progress and to identify any areas they may be struggling with.

You are responsible for analysing all the data and delivering the results to them in a clear and concise manner.

If your clients have any underlying health issues, you will support them with information and resources on how to manage them.

Mindset Management

As a PT you will need to be proactive and focused. When you are training your clients in a one-to-one capacity, you will need to be 100% present and committed to them in order to create a trusting relationship.

You need to be vocal with your clients about the health and fitness plans you put together for them. This will enhance their motivation and encourage them to future proof their success.

Your client is relying on your expertise to improve their confidence, fitness and lifestyle.
Portraying a positive attitude at all times will inspire your clients to adopt the same mindset.
A fitness journey is one to be enjoyed.

Reminding clients of their successes, and of how far they have come, will ignite their self-esteem and make them hungrier to reach their goals.

The BODYCORE team is here to help you unlock your potential, we want you to succeed and fulfill your passion of becoming a PT.

We will provide you with:

  • 1-2-1 / Small Group Mentoring
  • Live & Recorded Education Webinars
  • Exclusive Trainee Facebook Group
  • Mindset to Success Online CPD
  • Job interview guaranteed on completion of your course

Our team is here to offer more advice about your PT journey. Get in touch to learn more about our courses!