Pay £4750 instead of £5400!

  • Active IQ, Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (GYM) £950

    Take this exciting first step into the dynamic world of health and fitness. Become employable within many gym chains, with this CIMSPA/ REPS recognised qualification.
    This international certification sets the groundwork for the Level 3 Personal Training qualification.

  • Active IQ, Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training £1250

    PT is an exciting and fulfilling career choice. This qualification is the industry’s most popular course, and will allow you to be immediately recognised by all employers internationally.
    This will open all doors for you, and empower you to create a successful PT business. Change lives for the better, whilst enjoying being in control of your financial destiny.

  • Active IQ, Level 4 certificate in Personal Training £1000

    This qualification will enhance your knowledge and skills to fully understand your client’s emotional and physical needs as well as their current state.
    The qualification will encourage an evidence-based approach to programming, and develop a successful and sustainable PT business.
    This qualification will place you within the top 1% of PTs who really step into the ‘business’ of behavioural change, the analysis of your client’s lifestyle patterns, and the implementation of SMART strategies.

  • Active IQ, level 4 certificate in Strength & Conditioning £1500

    Taught by professional power lifters, this advanced qualification will cover a number of topics including explosive strength training, correct lifting technique and defining strength. It will cover all major lifts including the deadlift, back squat, overhead squat, pull up and snatch.
    This qualification will set you apart from the average PT. Tap into the competitive clientele base, and excel in this niche marketplace.

  • Active IQ Level 3 Award In Nutrition for sport & Athletic Performance £350

    Understand the need for a healthy, balanced diet to optimise sports and athletic performance, and learn how to access credible information about sports and performance nutrition.
    Become familiar with the benefits and risks of specific nutritional protocols that may be used to prepare for sports or fitness events.
    This qualification encourages the investigation of, and potential utilisation of legally available supplements and ergogenic aids.
    Examine current scientific evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of these aids

  • PT BUSINESS £250

    This includes CV templates, JOB interview guarantee, Business planning, SMARTER goals, and sales & marketing advice.
    Through our PT MENTOR METHODS, you will be be challenged, refined, and driven toward greater personal & professional success.
    BRAINSTORMING, HYPER FOCUS, SMARTER GOALS, taking MASSIVE ACTION, and ACCOUNTABILITY to a PT MENTOR are some of the methods you will learn to supercharge your business.

BODYCORE’s signature approach combines:

  • PT MENTORING, accessed daily

  • IMMERSION sessions, accessed weekly

  • THE HUB training days, run monthly

  • PT BUSINESS CPDs, run monthly