The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga will allow you to meet the standards required to complete the course but so much more! It will be delivered with a practical approach, which allows those with a passion for yoga to develop it into a rewarding career.

Yoga is used being used increasing by athletes and sportspeople, to enhance their performance and reduce the risk of injury, as well as to develop flexibility, improve posture and aid relaxation.

The Active IQ level 3 diploma in teaching Yoga will give you insight into various different types of yoga, allowing you to then choose your particular style of yoga.

The qualification will give you an insight into the roles of yoga, to give you the knowledge and skills to enable you to understand a selection of its many aspects, and enable you to teach classes, and sharing your knowledge with participants.  

The course includes the origins or yoga, 8 limbs of yoga, four paths of yoga, key concepts of yoga, chakras, concepts of Krias, mudra techniques, bandha techniques, asana techniques, pranayama techniques, anatomy and physiology for yoga and planning a series of yoga sessions. 

We would meet roughly 4 hours every 2nd Saturday for 8 sessions, going over various practical Asanas, meditation techniques, history of yoga, pranayama and mudras.  
Additionally to this, you will be required to study parts of the course in your free time, and be supported y BODYCORE with anatomy & physiology.

BODYCORE’s signature  approach  combines:

  • PT MENTORING, accessed daily via messenger or text.

  • IMMERSION sessions, accessed weekly on Saturdays.

  • THE HUB training days, run on the FIRST Saturday of every month.