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Don’t forget to train your mind too…

Physical activity is a fantastic way to improve your joints, bones and your overall health, but did you know it is also beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing? Physical activity doesn’t mean having to confine yourself inside a gym for hours, it can look different for everyone! Walking, cycling, or jogging outdoorsUnstructured activity like […]

Would you like to teach others about healthy eating?

The lockdown measures have resulted in gyms closing as well as schools. This has resulted in many people having to homeschool their children whilst juggling their work commitments, leaving next to no time for them to exercise, let alone time to be mindful about what food and drink they’re consuming. The COVID Symptom Study app […]

Benefits of Studying Online…

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that circumstances can change at the drop of a hat! As we move through 2021 we need to be mindful that our adaptability skills are on point. BODYCORE is evolving with the times. We know that more people are choosing to upskill, and even learn new skills, online so […]

Do you want to be known as the Trainer of Trainers?

The synergy of practical and theoretical learning is BODYCORE’S signature approach to learning and is the backbone of our PT MENTORSHIP®. We believe it truly prepares your trainee for the real-world gym environment as they can step into any environment with increased competence and confidence. Check out what one of our PT MENTOR® graduates has […]

Is your current job making you happy?

If you answered no, isn’t it time for you to do something about it? Ignore the nerves telling you it’s too late to make a career change. At BODYCORE we have watched many trainees take a leap of faith at all different stages of their lives, we even had someone leave a 9 year retail […]

To teach is to inspire…

Do you want to use your experience to mentor the next generation of Personal Trainers? At BODYCORE, we are committed to the personal and professional development of our trainees. We build strong, successful and inspiring Personal Trainers through our PT MENTOR® led training programmes. We pride ourselves in the community that we have created to […]

Time Management Tips for Personal Trainers

As a PT managing your time is vital. If you’re not careful, it can run away with you and destroy everything you have trained so hard for! Not only will you be filling your diary with client training sessions, you will also be responsible for the administrative side of your business. These include: Producing health […]

Be consistent…

Consistency is an absolute must to succeed in the fitness industry. Continuous effort towards a goal is proven to yield more success than those who turn up sporadically or not at all. Establish your goal It is vital that you have a solid plan! What are your goals? When do you hope to achieve them? […]

Don’t doubt your potential…

Managing Director of BODYCORE, Tobias Moir, advises “choosing the right training provider is crucial in ensuring you receive an insurable, and authentic certification for your investment.” It isn’t uncommon to hear newly qualified personal trainers discuss their battle with imposter syndrome. “I don’t belong here.” “Why would anyone trust me?” Have you ever experienced these […]