Be consistent…

Consistency is an absolute must to succeed in the fitness industry. Continuous effort towards a goal is proven to yield more success than those who turn up sporadically or not at all.

Establish your goal

It is vital that you have a solid plan!

  • What are your goals?
  • When do you hope to achieve them?
  • What support do you need to reach them?

Be clear on what it is you want to achieve and don’t be afraid to seek support, guidance or extra training.

The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to determine the direction you need to travel to achieve your goals.

Be realistic with timeframes.

By following your plan on a daily basis will ensure you move closer to your goals, leading you to eventually achieving them.

Create a schedule

Often when you get fired up over a new idea or goal, it can be easy to pile up tasks and promises. This can lead to overwhelm. Slow down the pace!

Using a calendar or a scheduler will allow you to see your goals and will help you keep on track.

Reward yourself

Each time you complete a goal, small or big, take some time to celebrate this achievement. This will keep motivation and inspiration levels peaking. And will encourage your determination to grow.

When committing to our BODYCORE PT course, you will have the full support of our PT MENTORS®. They will support your consistency by leading, guiding, and driving you forward. They set goals, create action and business plans, and help you overcome objections and obstacles.

At BODYCORE we want to see you excel!

Get in touch with us to discuss your fitness journey, and to learn more about our courses!

Don’t doubt your potential…

Managing Director of BODYCORE, Tobias Moir, advises “choosing the right training provider is crucial in ensuring you receive an insurable, and authentic certification for your investment.”

It isn’t uncommon to hear newly qualified personal trainers discuss their battle with imposter syndrome.

“I don’t belong here.”

“Why would anyone trust me?”

Have you ever experienced these thoughts?

You are not alone! Statistics show that up to 70% of people have suffered from it at one point or another.

Here are a few tips to help you manage these negative feelings:

Recognise the signs

Are you incredibly hard on yourself?

Do you sometimes hold yourself to impossibly high standards?

Do you avoid expressing confidence because you are worried it will come across as arrogance?

Don’t let that harsh voice pull you down. Listen to it, accept its presence, and lean into it.

Take control by counteracting each negative statement that crosses your mind with a reminder of your achievements.

You worked hard for them and you should wear them with pride at all times.

You are not alone

Many highly established business owners often still battle with imposter syndrome, but they won’t let it hold them back. So, don’t let it stop you!

Identify a coping mechanism. This could be reaching out to a trusted friend or loved one for support, or the BODYCORE team. No-one will judge you.

Sharing your concerns will unload it’s weight.

Take some time to retrain your mindset into accepting and believing the praise you receive.

Move at your own pace

Remember, your chapter 1 is never going to include the same content as someone else’s chapter 1. And more importantly, don’t compare the beginning of your journey to someone who has been on a similar one for months or years. A tree doesn’t grow overnight and neither will your success.

The hunger and determination you felt when you first committed to a PT course should never leave you. Being a personal trainer means you will be continuously learning and developing. If you let your dedication falter, and your doubtfulness take over, you will not excel in the fitness industry or reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Take your time and take care of you.

We are a family at BODYCORE and we take your wellbeing seriously, which is why our independent PT MENTORS® offer ongoing support. Our networking community of professionals want to see you succeed.

We celebrate your individuality and your successes. And we work with you to ensure that you improve and strengthen your weaknesses.

Get in touch with us to discuss your fitness journey, and to learn more about our courses!

A Personal Trainer’s Role Goes Beyond the Gym Floor…

BODYCORE Training is committed to the personal and professional development of our trainees. We aim to build strong, successful, and inspiring Personal Trainers, PT MENTORS™ and health practitioners.

Once you are a qualified PT you will be stepping into a demanding but rewarding role. The ability to multitask is vital to your success.

Check out some of the duties you can expect to fulfill on a daily basis:

Health and Nutrition advice

Your clients’ health and wellness journey isn’t confined to the gym floor, you need to ensure they are taking their nutrition and lifestyle choices into consideration too.

It is up to you to educate clients about these areas in order for them to obtain real and long-lasting results.

Regularly conducting client fitness assessments will allow you to track their progress and to identify any areas they may be struggling with.

You are responsible for analysing all the data and delivering the results to them in a clear and concise manner.

If your clients have any underlying health issues, you will support them with information and resources on how to manage them.

Mindset Management

As a PT you will need to be proactive and focused. When you are training your clients in a one-to-one capacity, you will need to be 100% present and committed to them in order to create a trusting relationship.

You need to be vocal with your clients about the health and fitness plans you put together for them. This will enhance their motivation and encourage them to future proof their success.

Your client is relying on your expertise to improve their confidence, fitness and lifestyle.
Portraying a positive attitude at all times will inspire your clients to adopt the same mindset.
A fitness journey is one to be enjoyed.

Reminding clients of their successes, and of how far they have come, will ignite their self-esteem and make them hungrier to reach their goals.

The BODYCORE team is here to help you unlock your potential, we want you to succeed and fulfill your passion of becoming a PT.

We will provide you with:

  • 1-2-1 / Small Group Mentoring
  • Live & Recorded Education Webinars
  • Exclusive Trainee Facebook Group
  • Mindset to Success Online CPD
  • Job interview guaranteed on completion of your course

Our team is here to offer more advice about your PT journey. Get in touch to learn more about our courses!

Beginning your journey…

You know what your end goal looks like: a diary packed with PT sessions, a contact book full of satisfied clients, but you are at the beginning of your journey without a clue how to get to that point…

Here are some pointers to get you started!

1. Do your research

The internet is your oyster!
Put aside some time to look into training companies who have a solid reputation. Don’t look for a quick and cheap way into a personal training career. This is an important commitment, so invest your time and money wisely.
When researching, be mindful of the company’s ethos!
Will you be treated like an individual? Will you feel appreciated?
If you know anyone who has completed a PT course, don’t be afraid to speak to them. Ask questions and take notes. Don’t rush into making a decision.

Create a business plan

A mistake we often see new personal trainers make is that they run headfirst into their training without clarity or focus.
What do you want from your PT course?
Begin your journey as you mean to go on: with structure.
Planning in the early stages of your career will allow you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and what particular niche you may want to focus on.

Speak to established personal trainers

Head down to your local gym and get talking to the PTs there. Find out how they began their journey. They might be able to offer you advice on how to kickstart your career.

Find your niche

This will help you stand out!
What area of personal training are you interested in?
It could be anything from: group classes, 1-2-1 sessions, strength and conditioning training, athletic training, amongst other areas.
Once you have established this, you can ensure you are choosing the correct PT course for you, one that is specific to your niche. You don’t want to commit to a course and later down the line realise it doesn’t focus on your desired area of expertise.

We hope you find the above tips useful.

Our team is here to offer more advice about your PT journey. Get in touch to learn more about our courses!

Our training courses are created with you in mind!

To the BODYCORE team you are more than just a learner. We ensure that you feel integrated with the PT MENTORS™ and that you know you are part of the family.

We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness and celebrate individuality.

We are aware that all of our learners have taken a leap of faith by committing to the BODYCORE training and we want you to know that we are a community that will look after you.

We welcome you to be honest about your weaknesses as well as your strengths, as our team is here to work with you on maximising your full potential.

We are a social bunch who jump aboard each learner’s self-growth journey.

Check out our promise to you:

  • Receive an internationally recognised qualification, along with CIMSPA endorsement.
  • Job interview guaranteed, as well as CV & business planning to support your career goals.
  • Benefit from BODYCORE’s signature PT MENTOR approach including on demand recorded webinars, weekly gym based 1-2-1 sessions, a private Facebook Trainee Support Group and monthly assessment days.
  • Ongoing support from independent PT MENTOR®️, and our networking community of professionals, to ensure your success.

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us today and let’s get the ball rolling for you!

Why is being a Personal Trainer so rewarding?

BODYCORE was founded in 2013 by managing director Tobias Moir. His education in life coaching, counselling skills and behavioural change, inspired him in the creation of the PT MENTOR™ led, personal training course you’ve heard so much about! 

Are you thinking about becoming a personal trainer?
Here are just a few benefits that come with a career as a fitness professional:

1. Bringing out the best version of your clients

The journey you take as a PT is both fulfilling and meaningful. 

It is your duty to build a safe and trusting environment between you and your client. Once they feel comfortable around you, and confident that you are the correct match for them, they will place their trust in you and open up about their health and wellbeing struggles and goals.

Together you will create a plan of action that will fire up motivation and inspiration within your client. As you both begin to see the results of your commitment to one another, the hunger to excel to the next stage of goal setting will take hold of each of you. 

The relationship between a personal trainer and their client is built upon honesty, determination, and pride.
As a client’s confidence grows, their mental wellbeing, health, and lifestyle will begin to improve. To know that you are responsible for this change, is truly heartwarming.

2. Meeting new people

The role of a PT allows you to connect with people from all walks of life.

You will get to learn from the experiences of your client and likewise, your client will learn from you too.
Meeting new people will open your eyes up to a world of new opportunities as well as potential referrals. 

Often you will strike up a working relationship with someone you wouldn’t necessarily come into contact with outside of the gym, this can encourage you to adopt new perspectives on topics you may have previously had a particular view on. 

Being a PT is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons in various aspects of life.

3. Offering guidance

Is there anything more gratifying than imparting your knowledge into someone else?

This is something you will continuously do as a PT. You are responsible for educating your client around fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. You will listen to their requirements and design programs and sessions around them. 
A client looks up to you. 

You are the person who is going to ensure they are performing exercises correctly and making the best lifestyle choices.

Do you enjoy seeing others succeed in achieving their goals?
If you answered yes, then BODYCORE is the training provider for you!
Get in touch with us today to find out more about the enrolment process.

Gym And PT Courses Scotland


Here at Bodycore Training we offer gym and PT courses to people all over Scotland in order to help as many people as possible achieve their dream of working in an industry that they are interested in and enjoy. Our courses are mentor led so if you sign up for a course with us you will be assigned an independent PT mentor within your location who will work around your schedule.

We provide our clients with a wide range of gym and PT courses in Scotland, these include:

  • level 2 gym instructor course
  • level 3 personal trainer course
  • level 2 gym and level 3 PT course
  • level 4 advanced PT course
  • strength and conditioning course

Above we have listed some but you can read more about what is involved with each on our website. The information provided will let you know about the course, the qualification you will receive on completion and the cost of each course. However, if there is something that you would like to know that you can’t find on our website then you can contact us and we will help in any way that we can.

You may ask yourself why you should choose us as your training provider for gym and PT courses in Scotland. There are many reasons why, some of these include:

  • you will receive an internationally recognised Active IQ qualification
  • 1-2-1 mentorship offers daily text support, weekly gym based immersion sessions and monthly HUB training days
  • we can provide finance options to suit any budget as well as providing job interviews, unlimited time to complete the course and free unlimited exam rewrites
  • we take pride in what we do and are very committed. Prosperity, excellence and integrity are at the forefront of our ethos

You can read more about us on our website if you would like but we are certain that if you come to us to do gym and PT courses in Scotland or any other course that we offer for that matter that you won’t be disappointed in the service, support, help and encouragement that you will receive from our hardworking, professional mentors.

If you do require anymore information or if you have any questions then do feel free to get in touch with us and we will happily assist you.

PT Training Courses Aberdeen

If you’re an aspiring Personal Trainer in Aberdeen, a Bodycore training course could develop you into a strong and inspiring personal trainer. Our array of courses offers something for everyone whilst ensuring accuracy and integrity are at the core.

Bodycore training provides the ideal course to qualify as a certified personal trainer. Not only do we offer the knowledge and guidance to achieve your accreditation, but our training ensures flexibility around your daily schedule. With variable payment schemes, you can find a payment tailored to suit your needs making our course even more so accessible.

At Bodycore Training our PT training courses in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas ensure you have the required support and mentorship to become a qualified personal trainer. Our team of trainers provide 1-2-1 support to ensure the success of your development as a PT with your needs and schedule positioned at the core of our service. We take great pride in our ethos which encapsulates the reliability, excellence and success of our services. We believe that this ethos results in trainees developing into successful personal trainers.

Some of our courses are mentioned below, however there are many others. Further information can be accessed on our website:

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 GYM and Level 3 PT
  • Level 4 Advanced PT
  • Strength and Conditioning

Once you identify the most suitable course for you we’ll assign an independent PT mentor to you to keep you on track throughout the course. Our PT mentoring ensures you receive daily support through the course whilst weekly drop in immersion sessions can allow face to face communication to keep you on track.

We understand that profitability is a main aspect of all self-employed businesses, that’s why we not only equip you to provide clients with a top-quality service but also with the skill set to manage your business. Our PT training course in Aberdeen not only induces the required techniques to physically train your clients but also highlights the importance of communication technology to mentally support your clients in their fitness progression. With social media playing such a critical role in perceptions of fitness, understanding the strategies to digitally support your clients can assist them along their PT journey. This aspect of the course distinguishes Bodycore Training from other personal training courses as our trainees receive guidance on digital communications in addition to business networking.

But why train with Bodycore? With an accreditation from Bodycore Training you can stand out in the industry as a certified professional. Not only does a personal training course provide greater earning potential than non-accredited individuals but also indicates your proficiency as a PT. In the hands of our trainers we are passionate to deliver the greatest training possible to get you on track with your PT career.

If you’d like to hear more about the PT training courses available within Aberdeen contact us on 08002465712 or email

Yoga Teacher Course Scotland

Do you share a passion for both sports and yoga, and are looking for a way to combine these passions and take them to the next level? To deepen your understanding and share your passion with others? If your answer is yes, then Bodycore Training has got you covered. Become a yoga teacher in Scotland with the Bodycore teacher course and transform your passion into a rewarding career.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst many sports people and athletes who practice yoga in order to strengthen and improve their overall abilities as well as to decrease the risk of injuries. Therefore, there is a need for more yoga teachers, like you!

Within the yoga teacher course in Scotland you will achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga, allowing you to develop your understanding of numerous different types of yoga so that you can select the type of yoga that is best suited to you.

What does the course cover?

  • The origins and key points of yoga.
  • Various concepts including the concepts of Krias and Chakra.
  • Essential techniques such as Bandha, Asana and Pranayama.
  • Planning and organisation skills for your yoga sessions.
  • And much, much more!

The course will not only deepen your understanding of yoga and provide you with the necessary skills, but it will also give you with the opportunity to be able to share your knowledge and passion with other individuals and to build your own community.

The yoga teacher course is offered across several locations in Scotland and offers a practical approach to your journey to become a certified yoga teacher. The course with Bodycore provides a unique approach, which integrates daily PT mentoring, weekly immersion sessions and The HUB training days, which are held monthly. You will also study during your free time different aspects of the course with the support of Bodycore in areas such as anatomy and physiology.

Make yoga not only your passion, but also a part of your life by sharing your knowledge and developing others whilst also developing yourself on both a personal and professional level.

Challenge yourself and take the next step to becoming a qualified yoga teacher with Bodycore.

Become A Yoga Teacher Glasgow

Are you interested in a career in the fitness industry in Glasgow? If so then you have come to the right place as here at Bodycore we are a training provider who offer many different courses which can help you to gain your chosen qualification in the fitness industry. On our website you can read all about the various courses that we offer but a question that we get asked about by many is how to become a yoga teacher.

We can provide you with a level 3 diploma in teaching yoga. This course is perfect for those with a passion for yoga as it will allow them to become a yoga teacher which in turn will be a rewarding career for themselves. People from all over the UK can become a yoga teacher with this course, not just peole from Glasgow.

Sports people and athletes use yoga to enhance their performance and to reduce the risk of injury. It develops flexibility, improves posture and aids relaxation. If you use Bodycore to help you to become a yoga teacher in Glasgow then you can take advantage of our signature approach, this approach combines PT mentoring, immersion sessions and HUB training days. The PT mentoring that we provide gives our students valuable interaction with a PT mentor who is successful and who will offer the encouragement and support that our students may require in order to gain their qualification. PT mentors can be accessed through face to face sessions, FB messenger and via emails and text.

With Bodycore also you will receive an internationally recognised ACTIVE IQ qualification which is endorsed by REPS and CIMSPA, this is a platinum standard of professional qualification.

So, if you are looking to become a yoga teacher in Glasgow then why not get in touch with us today.