Become a Personal Trainer Stirling

Are you looking to become a personal trainer? If so then you should check out the different courses that we have available to people who live in not only Stirling but everywhere. You may ask yourself why you should use us as your training provider. There are many reasons why, these include:

  • we are passionate about what we do
  • we have the knowledge and experience to help you to succeed
  • we have mentors who are friendly and helpful who are available via email, text, face to face or through Facebook messenger
  • your mentor will spend at least an hour in the gym environment to prepare you for your observed assessment

Above we have listed some of the reasons why choosing to become a personal trainer in Stirling with Bodycore is a good choice for you to make. Taking the approach that we do prepares you for working in the real world of personal training in a gym environment.

The certification that you gain at the end of your training is internationally recognised and is standardised and regulated by CIMSPA and ACTIVE IQ. We can provide you with level 2, level 3 or level 4 personal training courses.

Another thing that we are proud to offer to people who use us to help them to become a personal trainer in Stirling is that we offer finance. We want our clients to be able to follow their dreams and do the career that they want without cost stopping them.

So, if you live in Stirling and are looking to become a personal trainer then why not contact us today to book your space.

PT Courses Ayrshire

Live in Ayrshire and interested in becoming a PT? If this is you then you should have a look at the courses we offer. In choosing us as your training provider you will be learning from the best in the industry.

The mentors who work with Bodycore are professionals who are passionate about what they do, making them the ideal people to help you to become a PT.

You may wonder why you should choose to use us to do your PT course in Ayrshire with so let us give you some reasons why we are a good choice:

  • our PT courses are mentor led and start weekly, they are designed around your lifestyle which people like as we know that people are busy with many different things
  • our unique approach will enable you to receive daily text support from your mentor, immersion sessions and monthly HUB training days
  • we can offer level 2, level 3 or level 4 PT courses to people in Ayrshire and all over. These international PT certifications are standardised and regulated by ACTIVE IQ and CIMSPA
  • unlimited exam rewrites and no time limit on course completion

Above are just some of the reasons why we would be a good choice for you to complete your PT course with in Ayrshire.

Our PT courses in Ayrshire will:

  • teach you how to support your clients in physical activity and exercise
  • teach you about health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • teach you about the principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • teach you about anatomy
  • teach you about programming and delivering personal training sessions
  • teach you about nutrition

We have a range of courses available for people to choose from, they are all displayed on our website for you to see and read about. If you require any further information on our PT courses in Ayrshire or on any of our other courses then why not contact us today.

Level 4 PT Course Aberdeen

We offer many courses to people in Aberdeen but some of the most popular ones are the PT courses that we provide to people who are looking to further their career or start a career in the fitness industry. We always look to add new courses which we feel are beneficial to people, courses which people would be interested in and it’s for this reason that we now offer a level 4 PT course to people in Aberdeen and all over for that matter.

The people who work at Bodycore are driven and want to help clients to achieve the desired outcome. They will be with you every step of the way in helping you to gain your level 4 pt qualification or whatever qualification you will get at the end of your chosen course.

If you choose to complete your level 4 PT course with us in Aberdeen you can be confident that you will be learning and getting help and advice from highly successful personal trainers who have experience behind them.

Our courses consist of:

  • Immersion Sessions which can be accessed weekly on Saturdays
  • PT Mentoring which can be accessed daily via text or messenger
  • The HUB training days which are run on the first Saturday of every month
  • PT Business CPD’s which are run on the last Saturday of every month

The level 4 PT course in Aberdeen that we offer will provide every learner with enhanced knowledge and skills which in turn will enable them to fully understand their clients and develop a successful personal training business. Our staff are committed and hard working and will help you in whatever way they can so you can be certain that in using Bodycore that you will be using experienced professionals who know what they are doing.

If you require anymore information on the level 4 PT course or on any of the other courses that we offer in Aberdeen then get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fitness Training Courses West Lothain

Here at Bodycore we offer a range of different fitness training courses in West Lothian and have done so for some time now. Over the years our reputation has continued to grow and we have people coming to us due to the hard work and dedication of our team here and also due to the recommendations that we receive from previous clients. Our team are passionate about what they do and want to share their knowledge, experience and passion with others.

Below we will tell you about different fitness training courses that we offer in West Lothian and all over the UK:

  • level 2 gym instructor courses – this course is ideal for people looking to work in the health and fitness industry as gym based fitness instructors. It teaches individuals knowledge and how to plan and deliver safe gym sessions and exercise programmes within gym and health club environment objectives. You will also learn about health and safety in the fitness environment and develop your knowledge on anatomy
  • level 3 personal trainer courses – this course will teach you about training systems and cardiovasular and muscle techniques, about delivering personal training sessions and programming these with your clients. You will also learn how to support clients who are participating in exercise as well as learning about nutrition
  • gym and pt combi courses – at the end of this course you will receive an active iq level 2 gym instructor certificate as well as an active iq level 3 personal trainer certificate
  • advanced CPD courses – you can check out the full list on the courses section of our website
  • CPD courses including emergency first aid, level 2 spin instructor, level 2 kettlebell instructor and pilates

You can see from the list above that there is a range of fitness training courses covered by us.

At the end of every fitness training course in West Lothian you will receive the appropriate certification. The good thing about using us as your training provider is that you will work with a mentor who will be on hand to help you throughout your course. We offer immersion training days with your mentor in order to prepare you for assessment and the work that personal trainers are required to do. This involves you and your mentor reviewing the sections you have done, assessing your portfolio and setting SMART (specific, measurable, action-orientated, resource-full and time-bound) goals for the week ahead. Every mentor that works with us is motivated, helpful and has good leadership skills, this is what you need to help with your development and keep you committed.

If you are in West Lothian and interested in fitness training courses then why not contact us today.


Become A Personal Trainer West Lothian

We provide personal trainer courses to people everywhere and have done so for some years now so if you are looking to become a personal trainer and you are based in West Lothian then you should consider using us here at Bodycore Training. Bodycore was created by a very experienced personal trainer who had a passion for mentoring people towards personal training, ensuring success, health and happiness.

People who have previously completed our course to become a personal trainer in West Lothian speak highly of us. They comment on the help and support that we give to help you to achieve. We have a team of mentors available who will help get you through your course, these mentors are successful, motivated and committed. You can reach them via skype, email, text or phone if you cannot meet your mentor face to face.

What you will learn on our course will help you to become a good personal trainer. It will teach you about:

  • health, safety and welfare in the workplace
  • anatomy
  • supporting clients who participate in physical activity and exercise
  • the principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • delivering personal training sessions
  • programming personal training with clients
  • the principles of nutrirtion

Anyone can become a personal trainer in West Lothian if they are dedicated and hardworking. The course is suitable for everyone although you may not be able to just go straight onto the personal training course as there are entry requirements. These are:

  • a suitable level 2 gym instructing qualification
  • basic skills in communication and application of number pitched at levels 3 and 2 respectively
  • a degree of physical fitness as physical exertion and participation is required

If you do choose us as your course providers you will have weekly training days with your mentor to help you focus and prepare yourself for observed assessment. These assessments are in the form of multiple choice exams. At the end of your course you will receive the personal training certification which is internationally recognised so can take you anywhere in the world to work.

There are different payment options available, one being pay upfront and the other which involves you paying a deposit and then 5 monthly payments. So, if you would like to become a personal trainer in West Lothian or anywhere else for that matter why not contact us today.




Emergency First Aid Course Glasgow

Our emergency first aid course in Glasgow teaches people everything that they need to know in order to become a competent practitioner in emergency first aid at work. At the end of it you will have achieved an Active IQ level 2 certificate. This course is suitable for everyone, people who work in an environment with employees or customers in it.

The emergency first aid course in Glasgow we offer will cost £80, this includes the full course and manuals/portfolio’s and theory. On this course we will teach the necessary skills required to deal with emergencies in the workplace confidently. These courses run monthly which is beneficial as it means then that people aren’t restricted to a particular date one month.

People choose to do their training with us due to the level of commitment of our staff and the support and help that is available throughout the duration of any course that is completed with us. Emergency first aid is a must for many businesses as there should be an appointed first aider in place that people know about who can deal with any occurrences that may happen. We offer this emergency first aid course in Glasgow as it is a must for all personal trainers and gym instructors for insurance purposes.

We have a whole range of courses available that people can undertake, these courses are listed on our website along with information on each and the cost involved with them. At our company we are very passionate about what we do and we like to help people achieve their very best.

If you are interested in our emergency first aid course in Glasgow or any of our other courses then why not sign up today.

Pilates Training Course Glasgow

Here at Bodycore Training we are always looking to add more courses to the range that we already have available for people in Glasgow and all over, the new one that we now teach is pilates. Pilates came about in the early 20th century and is now practiced by people all over the world.

There has been much interest in our pilates training course in Glasgow with many people eager to go on and become pilates teachers. The course is taught by people who are both experienced and passionate about what they do, they are pilates teachers, assessors and trainers for Bodycore and Active IQ.

Many people ask what pilates is, it’s a form of exercise which places an emphasis on core strength breathing technique, flexibility, balance and concentration. Our pilates training course in Glasgow will teach you about the human anatomy and physiology. You will also learn about delivering pilates matwork sessions which are suitable on a one to one basis or in groups and we will teach you how to plan, teach and evaluate safe and effective sessions. At the end of our pilates training course in Glasgow you will be a pilates matwork group class instructor. The qualification at the end of the course will be an Active IQ level 3 diploma in instructing pilates matwork which is worth 20 CIMSPA points. You will also receive 6 months support following the qualification.

People choose to do their training with us because we are enthusiastic and look to help our students achieve their potential with the encouragement and help of our professional mentors. These mentors are on hand to offer advice and guidance to get you through your chosen course. Another reason why we prove to be a popular choice is the fact that we have different payment options available for people as we feel that money shouldn’t stop people trying to achieve their dream. If you would like more information on the finance options available you can find out more on our website.

If you would like to take advantage of the pilates training course that we are running in Glasgow why not sign up today on our website to secure your place.

Becoming A Personal Trainer Fraserburgh

Statistics show that the fitness industry is continuing to grow with some figures showing that 1 in every 7 people are members of a gym. This research shows that becoming a personal trainer would be a good choice of career if you are interested in working in the fitness industry.

Bodycore provide fitness training courses to people in Fraserburgh and all over the UK. All staff are passionate and driven with the goal of helping people to fulfil their ambition of becoming a personal trainer. Personal trainers should be good at motivating people and being leaders as their job is to help clients reach their health and fitness goals. Our courses teach you about health and safety, nutrition, planning and delivering programmes as well as much more. You can see the breakdown of what is covered on our website.

People in Fraserburgh may wish to become a personal trainer for many reasons:

  • they want to help people achieve the desired results
  • they may wish to be their own boss and choose their own working hours

Our courses have many benefits:

  • they are standardised and regulated by CIMSPA, REPS, OFQUAL, and ACTIVE IQ and are international pt certifications
  • we are the only pt course in the UK with a job guarantee or your money back
  • we offer 12 months of pt mentor support
  • you will be part of  PT Business and receive 25{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} off all additional CPD courses for life
  • 6 CIMSPA endorsed CPD’s worth 24 credits, included with every PT course

This course would enable you to work either full or part time in a health/fitness club or work as a freelancer anywhere in the world and the certifications can be gained in venues all over the UK. If you live in Fraserburgh and are interested in becoming a personal trainer then why not sign up today.

Best Personal Trainer Courses Glasgow

Are you looking for the best personal trainer courses in Glasgow? If you are then you have come to the right place. Our company has been offering personal trainer courses for many years now and people in Glasgow who have completed it say that it is the best course that they have had.

Bodycore Training was founded by Tobias Moir who has over 20 years experience in personal training and life coaching all over the world. The passion and drive that Tobias has is what has made Bodycore the successful company that it is today. The main focus for everyone who works with Bodycore as a mentor is the health, success, happiness and achievement of certification for everyone who uses our company.

The level 3 personal trainer course that we offer is aimed at people who have completed the level 2 gym certification but who want to move on to the personal training side of things. The certification that you will gain from us is internationally recognised so would allow you to work as a personal trainer anywhere in the world.

We endeavour to offer the best personal trainer courses in Glasgow and believe that our unique approach helps to make this possible. When you sign up for this course you will work closely with a mentor who will offer immersion training to prepare you for your observed assessment and the personal training working environment. Your mentor will also spend time in the gym with you covering training systems and advanced cardiovascular and muscular techniques in preparation for the observed assessment.

The personal trainer course will teach you about:

  • supporting clients who participate in physical activity and exercise
  • health, safety and welfare in the fitness environment
  • the principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  • personal training programmes
  • delivery of personal training sessions
  • applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

Becoming a personal trainer can have many advantages, it can allow you to work for yourself which then allows for you to choose your own working hours and make money for yourself. It also means that you get to stay healthy as you will be training regularly and lastly, being a personal trainer allows you to work in different places anywhere in the world.

Another area which makes the personal trainer courses that we at Bodycore provide one of the best is the finance options that we offer to people who wish to do their training with us. We feel that people should be able to achieve their dream and that is why people can either pay upfront or pay a deposit and installments.

If you have any questions about our training courses then contact us, we would be more than happy to help.

Fitness Training Courses Midlothian

The unique services that we at Bodycore offer makes us a good choice for people in Midlothian who are looking for fitness training courses. We help people from Midlothian and all over achieve their dream of gaining recognised qualifications in the fitness industry.

You may ask yourself why you should choose to do your fitness training with our company. There are many reasons why, these include:

  • Every course that we teach comes with internationally recognised certification, these are standardised and regulated by Active IQ, Ofqual, Reps and Cimspa.
  • The only PT course in the UK with a job guarantee or your money back
  • You will receive 12 months of pt mentor support

Our team of mentors is forever growing and every mentor that is part of the Bodycore team is friendly, helpful and strive to do their very best for you, the customer. When people in Midlothian come for fitness training courses they get a mentor who will motivate and inspire them to achieve goals and ultimately achieve the end result that they are looking for.

We provide many different fitness training courses so there is something to suit everyone, these courses include:

  • level 2 gym instructor
  • level 3 personal trainer
  • gym and pt combi course
  • emergency first aid
  • level 2 spin instructor
  • level 2 kettlebell instructor
  • advanced cpd courses

We offer immersion training, this provides weekly training days with a Bodycore mentor. These training days get you prepared for assessments and the working environment and involves reviewing what you have studied as well as assessing your portfolio and setting SMART goals for the following week. If meeting a mentor isn’t always easy for you then email, phone, text and skype support is also available for our students. People who come to us for fitness training courses always comment positively on them and recommend them to others so if this is something that you are interested in then contact us today.