Erradicate Self Doubt: Female Empowerment

Written by Jayne Nisbet –


I read an article recently talking about the difference between males and females in their confidence of knowing their value and self worth. It shocked me really… but it really hit a nail on the head – too many females out there don’t believe they are good enough! WHY? Jumpup.jpgBecause for tens of thousand of years, men have always been the leaders, women haven’t had as many rights, women have been believed to be home bearers, stay being only mothers… but in this past decade everyone is starting to see and realise just how influential and powerfu women can be. With a slightly more civilised and diplomatic approach, confident in our decisions, but not cocky women are starting to make an impact, I would call it, “The Rise of the Female Boss”. Females in our day and age are really fortunate for all the hard work and effort our ancestors put in to fight for our human rights, our place and value in society. No longer are females viewed as women who go to college to get an education so they can meet the right man, they are actively encouraged to get an excellent education, be independent and fight for their rights to the life they want.

Have I been lucky?
As a child I was always encouraged to participate in everything – even though I was incredibly timid, I was a bit of a bossy boots (my brother would agree) and I wanted to partake in everything that he was doing, if he went to football camp, I wanted to go to football camp – but you are a girl? – “I don’t care that I am a girl, I want to go to football camp.” Thats how I remember is anyway. When I look back now I think, actually this is how I live my life. My friends all know this, if anybody says but you can’t do that you are not as strong us us because your a girl… I am the first to be like.. oh you wanna bet? Bring it! It’s the power of self belief! I recently had a conversation with someone who said, “you are not going to be able to change the world Jayne, maybe small parts of it, but not the world.” Then out of no where on facebook a little quote popped up, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can help change the world usually are the ones crazy enough to do it.” I thought – ah ha! SEE!

As females now, we have to realise there is no barrier to success, we need to start being as confident as men in our decisions and know that actually we are good enough and be influenced by those above us females and males, and learn! The key to success is learning, and mimicing – Take a person whom you see fit as astrong infleuntial role model for what you want to achieve in your life. If you studied that person, and viewed how they created there success and worked through how they created their success… you are highly likely to do it… but trust me its not an easy feat – it will take hard work and persistence just like it did the person before you! As an athlete, I worshipped Kasja Berqvist! She had one downfall, rose back up, another downfall, rose back up and I used to look at her and everytime I had a knockdown I was Like, “GET YOURSELF BACK UP!”

So today ladies (and gents), I want you to be rockstars! Believe in yourself, and if you don’t  then “fake it till you feel it! “When people assumed a high power pose (for example taking up space by spreading their limbs) for just two minutes their dominance hormone level went up and their stress levels went down. As a result they felt more powerful”. (Sandberg,s. 2015)
Scientific studies have been shown to prove that how you hold yourself and your posture can in 2 minutes changed your power status!!! How crazy is that!
So today in the words of Robin Sharma:
IMG_9671.JPG(Robin Sharma, The Greatness Guide)

Whatever you are doing today –
do it with confidence, wear your confidence with pride and be your best self!


How much do you make as a Personal Trainer?

As the Sales Director of Bodycore, I talk to 99{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} of the people thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer. The people I talk to have pretty normal 9-5 jobs and are thinking about joining this crazy world of Personal Training. Some of them are self-employed, some single mothers, some work off-shore in oil, some have office jobs – you get the point.

The thing they have in common is – they all love the gym and they can all see themselves enjoying a career in it.

How much do you make as a Personal Trainer?

It’s the question I probably get asked most of all.

What the job adverts say

If you have ever been on gumtree loking for a job, you may have seen an advert saying:


only to find out you have to shell out a few thousand pounds for a personal training course.

Yes, it is possible to earn £70,000 a year with this, but probably not in your first year.

So what is more realistic?

The Business Plan

There are many ways to make a living as a Personal Trainer ranging from hourly wages running classes and gyms and getting salary’s for private facilities. What I will focus on is the self employed/freelance model as this is where 90{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} of trainers go (e.g. Puregym).

In these gyms (please note it is different from gym to gym), you run your business by exchanging your time e.g. running classes as rent. In Puregym, you spend 15 hours a week, split into 3 x 5 hour shifts. Leaving 25 hours for you to do what you want.

The great thing about this model, is that you can charge what you want for PT when you get clients.

Let’s say you need to make £600.00 a month to meet your very basic monthly outgoings e.g. Rent, Car, Food.

The lowest rate I would advise is £25.00 per hour session. So to meet your basic costs you need to find clients who will do  24 sessions in a month (6 sessions a week).

So here’s how you do that.

Aim to get one extra session a week:

Week 1 – 0 sessions

Week 2 – 1 Session

Week 3 – 2 sessions

Week 4 – 3 Sessions

Week 5 – 4 Sessions

Week 6 – 5 Sessions

Week 7 – 6 Sessions

So in 7 weeks you could be covering your basic needs but only working 21 hours a week (15 hours on shift + 6 hour sessions per week).

When you get to week 52 after a year- there’s no reason why you can’t earn £600-900 a week with this method.

How do you get those clients though?

This is the bit some people struggle with. Especially when they first start. It takes some work but I have found this:

Talk to 10 gym-goers every day. Give them help, advice and just be a nice person.

Of those 10 people, 1 will do a consultation with you.

For every 5 consultations you will get a client.

So in theory, for every 50 people you talk to, you will get a client.

Why doesn’t every PT make this money?

I think it comes down to comfort zone. You really have to go outside your comfort zone and talk to people about them. A lot of the Personal Trainers I see not making progress are the ones who sit in the staff room and do the minimum. They begrudgingly do classes and don’t really engage people through conversation and genuine caring, and therefore don’t really get clients. They don’t DO.

At Bodycore, we push our students to live outside their comfort zone. It’s where change happens.

If you are someone who genuinely wants to get paid for doing something they love, get outside your comfort zone and start doing.


By Steve Marsden


"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

Written by Tobias Moir

ACTIONS, what we do, speak louder than words.

Words though are very powerful, and whole books on the power of words have been written.

Action is the physical manifestation of the words we repeatedly speak, and the thoughts we repeatedly think.

What we ‘do’ ( action) consistently, in coordination with the thoughts we think and words we speak out loud, ultimately makes us who we are ( and brings about what we have!).

We become the self fulfilling prophecy we think and talk about most.


Success then, is first DISCIPLINE of the mind, which then filters into our words, and ultimately transpires into action.

I call this ‘RIGHT’ action, as right action coordinated with a successful mindset, more often than not leads to positive outcomes!

Seeking opportunities to exert self discipline (self control), is what separate the ‘successful’ from the ‘failures’ of this world.

It has often been said that the successful are willing to do (or not do in some cases) the things that others don’t want to do, will not do, or can’t do.


Your thoughts are the mother of all action.

Controlling what consistent thoughts you allow yourself to indulge in, is the first place to start.

We all have fleeting thoughts. Crazy thoughts. Even disturbing thoughts. It is natural and healthy to be AWARE of all possibilities within any given situation.

Naturally the mind looks at all scenarios and options available.

Using self control though, one can exert self control over which thoughts to FOCUS on.

It’s your ability to focus and filter  with your RAS ( reticular activating system- the part of the brain that matches what your focusing on with your experiences ) that allows you to hone in on specific/desirable thoughts.


1)It’s this REPETITION of thinking thoughts consistently that leads to powerful thought patterns.

2)Thought patterns tend to then influence your patterns of speech (the things you talk about).

3)These two precursors invariably leads to action!

If we like the result of the ACTION, we need to then repeat it consistently ( repetition) for it to become habit.

“Excellence, success, is the repetition of consistent right action, which leads to a desired result.”

Whether it’s a physical goal, financial target or dietary discipline, you will need to address your thoughts, fuels and actions to ensure you are in alignment with your goals.


1)Stop watching the news at night.

The negative images and fear based rhetoric can seriously impact your sleep, and your thought patterns.

Violence and suffering can sink into your subconscious and these images can then effect your thoughts and emotions through the next day. Your mind works with images, so keep them clean of you wish for a positive result!

2)Stop gossiping. This is a useless and negative act, which draws your focus and energies down into the gutter. It poisons the mind and will corrupt you.

3)Read inspirational, motivational and uplifting books.

Read positive quotes, watch Tony Robbins or talk with a loved one about your hearts desires.


To boost your ability to focus, eat/drink more:

Blueberries, green tea, avocados, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, water, dark (over 85{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} cacao content) chocolate, flax seeds, and nuts.

These foods have a profound effect on mood, concentration and clarity of mind.


1)Make a list of what it is that your wanting to accomplish.

2)Create SMART goals with the list you’ve made.

3)Commit to implementing the actions that will bring you toward your goals.

Enjoy what you’ve created!

Tobias Moir.



Written by Tobias Moir. 

To this day, people still ask me how the ‘fitness training’ is going.

They say things like, “I haven’t seen you training folk in the gym for a while”, or “things must be tough with the economy”.

“no ones got money for PTs. That’s why your always sitting in the coffee shop”.

I reassure and try to convince them that I’m ok, that I am the managing director of a company called BODYCORE, and a Mentor to aspiring personal trainers.

The ‘fitness instructor’ label, I only really carried for about 1 year, more then 20 years ago!

In Canada as well- far away from those who think they know me.

I’ve NEVER in fact uttered the words “I am a fitness instructor”…I knew even then, it was a very temporary transition to PT.

The constant ‘convincing’ that I need to do, to let people know that it wasn’t a failure that led me to my current situation, ( but was more like a personal evolution), is hilarious to behold.

My wife especially finds it humorous as she’s witnessed it first hand on several occasions. I’ve given up correcting people.

After all, my happiness is not dependant on their acceptance of me or my ‘label’.

Personal training was a label I (happily) carried for 18 years, and in many ways of course, it still very much applies to me.

After all, I run a company that certifies personal trainers!


Labels however, are dangerous things.

They don’t always serve us well, and can often restrict us. Box us in. Dictate to us.

It makes people feel more comfortable if they know what all their friends and loved ones do, what their jobs are, who they are with, what their bodies look like, what faith they follow, or what foods they like to eat.

Real CHANGE challenges everything.

Not just you and your mindset, emotions, eating habits and habitual behaviours, but also the minds and hearts of those in your life.


There is often a strong RESISTANCE from those around us when we wish to change.

It may not be verbal, in fact they will often congratulate you on your new choices and say that they wish you all the best, but this is often not how they truly feel.

The people who are MOST threatened by our change tend to be our family, and our closest friends.

These tend to be the very people who RESIST the CHANGE the most.

The issue at hand is that you challenge their world view.

If you were once a fitness instructor, and are now a managing director, doctor, business owner or personal trainer, this can effect them on a deep level.

This ‘challenge’ to their world view  brings up all manner of feelings, and depends of course on what they’ve been doing with their life, whether they’ve grown and moved on, whether they have plans of change.

The feelings may be doubt, suspicion, anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy and many other negative emotions.


These feelings harboured seemingly against you, often have very little to do with YOU.

They almost always have to do with the said individuals own life.

The lack of change, the routine, the REGRET in their own lives and situations.

They are upset that you’ve gone and BETTERED yourself, and they haven’t, and feel worse about their own situations.

You’re showing them up as the failures that they feel they are already.

Your change is a THREAT!

“How dare you change and leave me here!” Is the subconscious plea that is screamed at you.


Whilst chasing your dreams and goals, and you are being ridiculed, bullied, frowned upon, if others are threatening friendships and relationships with you, if they’re asking you to choose them over your dreams, if you feel you can’t tell people whom love you all the great things that are happening in your life, KEEP GOING!!

You are definitely on the right track.

Groups tend to resonate, act, think in the same manner.

When you step out of this herd mentality, you’ll be met with varying degrees of resistance.

This will feel very uncomfortable.

It will vary from mild distrust to outright aggression and everything in between.

So many people think “This is uncomfortable, people I love are doubting me, so this can’t be right. This can’t be good for me”.

They then give up on their dreams and goals and shrink back into their ‘comfort’ – that horribly little place where everyone has you pegged, and you are desperately unhappy.

Comfort is a coffin.

Sure, we need comfort on a daily basis, that sweet spot on the sofa with our chosen poison.

Human nature ( the society of trillions of cells that dictate so much to you), calls/screams out for such comfort…but this is NOT where growth takes place.

We rest here. We pause here. We re-boot here.

Discomfort though, this is where real growth takes place.

Here we are burned, beaten, sculpted, chastised, ridiculed, doubted, refined and ultimately perfected.

Discomfort moves you from subconscious conditioning (or comfort), to a conscious, results driven, action oriented warrior!

If you want to redefine yourself and your life.

If you want success over mediocrity.

If you want to step into authenticity -Chase discomfort!

It was said that:

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”


The formula is simple.

  1. What is your VISION. How would you envision your life as having been a success? Use mind mapping to get everything out of your head, to determine what you truly desire.
  2. Put the vision into SMART GOALS. Monthly and weekly ones work best!
  3. Break down the weekly SMART GOALS into daily ACTIONS, that bring about the results which lead to accomplishment of the WEEKLY and MONTHLY goals.
  4. Have a Mentor to be accountable to! Share your goals and action plan on a weekly basis with someone whom you are accountable to. This is crucial.
  5. Celebrate the successes of stepping into discomfort, with more discomfort! Your subconscious, ( the society of trillions of cells) becomes dependant, addicted, hard wired and focused on, that which you FEED it most.
  6. Success is a habit. A condition. Becoming hardwired to succeed is a daily ritual, of doing ‘that which one feels stretched to do’. DO IT!


How becoming a Personal Trainer saved my life

It was 6 months after being  trained by Marcel, my Dutch friend in Vancouver, over 20 years ago, that I asked him the very simple question:   “What do you do for work?”   When he answered: “This! I train people in the gym for a living!”   I was sold. How was it possible […]

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