Here are the Top tips for finding an authentic, reliable and REGULATED Personal Training course.

Read this guide BEFORE you buy a PT course!

Not all course training providers are REGULATED, therefore the qualification on offer may not be recognised within the industry.
Make sure the below are in place before committing your hard earned money.


Attaining and maintaining membership with CIMSPA and ACTIVE IQ takes honesty, transparency and professionalism. They ensure standardisation through ongoing evaluation of their training providers.
CIMSPA & ACTIVE IQ are legally bound in protecting you the student, from fraudulent certifications, and other serious ( and unfortunately fairly common) breaches of trust.

Contact CIMSPA at and ask them whether the company you’re thinking of choosing is a reputable company and ask if they are listed under the CIMSPA membership. If not, I’d not even think about progressing with them.
Then, contact Active IQ on 01480467950 and ask as to whether the company you’re thinking of using is a reputable company.


You MUST receive a physical CERTIFICATE from the training provider – Not a pass letter, and not just a list of units completed. An actual, hard copy certificate with a QR code is needed to be provided.
Get this confirmed in writing BEFORE you even think of paying for a course, and ask for a scan of an example Certificate so that you can see the official stamp of authenticity.
* If you’ve only received a pass letter, or are unsure of the VALIDITY of your existing certificate, send through a copy to: and they will advise you as to its validity.


If you want quality, PAY for it. You are WORTH the investment!
Quality integrity, value, and worth don’t often come at bargain basement prices.
If it’s ‘cheap’ it’s highly unlikely that they are CIMSPA & ACTIVE IQ partners, as the fees training providers need to pay: the VAT, registration, certification, manuals, and fees paid to the mentor / assessor all add up.
FREE qualifications given to create an impressive looking ‘ all in one package’ need to be scrutinised by ensuring they are ACTIVE IQ & CIMSPA endorsed!


ALL training providers can prove that their PT course curriculum is enough for a certain level of insurance cover with REPS, but that doesn’t mean it’s recognised amongst the all important EMPLOYER as a valid PT qualification. This also does NOT mean that the training provider is good at what they do, NOR does it mean that they are recognised or respected by ACTIVE IQ,  CIMSPA or OFQUAL.
REPS, insure Personal Trainers and fitness staff with public liability insurance.
They do not necessarily vouch for the integrity of the provider you’ve used, nor do they ensure that the qualification they are insuring will be RECOGNISED within the industry or by your potential employer or the regulators.


Ensure that AFTER qualification, you’ve chosen a company that has an ongoing support system in place. Long term Mentorship will give you the support you need to assist in building a successful and sustainable PT Business. If you invest in yourself – choose a company that invests in you!
Help with your CV, job interview guarantees, business planning and access to mentors are an essential mark of a quality training provider. That crucial first year beyond certification, is the integral part of your PT journey, so choose a company that’s committed to seeing you gainfully employed within this exciting and lucrative industry!


You should look for REVIEWS of past students on the companies FB review site, and even ask to be able to CONTACT past students to see what kind of support they got, if they are currently employed and ask whether they would whole heartedly recommend the training provider you are thinking of investing in. Also, ask around on Facebook- it’s amazing what people will tell you privately if you message them through FB regarding their experience with their training provider!

I’m proud to say that we adhere to ALL the above stipulations.
“As Managing Director of BODYCORE, I give my personal guarantee that you will receive a government regulated, internationally recognised,ACTIVE IQ Personal Training qualification with BODYCORE.”

Today’s fitness and wellness industry is booming, and there’s never been a more exciting time to get involved.
Just do your homework before jumping in!

Healthily yours,
Tobias Moir