Conversion Course

BODYCORE provides a unique, much needed and discreet service in it’s CONVERSION COURSES.

Our FREE and totally PRIVATE validation service will check as to whether you hold VALID, insurable, and regulated fitness or PT qualifications.

BODYCORE is dedicated in improving the fitness industry with our ethos of integrity, excellence and prosperity. We are driven by a sense of duty in reinstating faith in the inherent goodness of this dynamic, lucrative and empowering industry.

The fitness industry within the UK has unfortunately lacked the ENFORCEMENT of regulatory standards within the industry.

Although this is now changing with the creation of CIMSPA – there are countless Personal Trainers working within the UK with fake, insufficient, or unregulated qualifications.

Although the attainment of insurance for these qualifications is often achievable through several fitness insurance companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to renew the insurance when it runs out.

In the event that you or your employer is legally pursued for personal injury, having a VALID qualification that will hold up in court when scrutinised is absolutely essential.


  • Simply send us a picture/ scan of your CERTIFICATE, pass letter, units completed email or digital certificate to: We will then seek validation of your certificate from an Active IQ EXTERNAL VERIFIER.

  • We will send the paperwork to ACTIVE IQ for external verification as to its validity, and potentially then on to CIMSPA to see as to whether it would be insurable by regulatory standards.

  • If we are informed by ACTIVE IQ that you do NOT hold a valid/insurable certification, we can offer you the CONVERSION course to attain the PLATINUM standard, Active IQ & CIMSPA endorsed qualification.

  • The qualification MUST be a training provider that has a website, and MUST also have an Awarding organisation listed on their website. No groupon PT certificates accepted.

The slack regulatory standards have unfortunately led to several TRAINING PROVIDERS:

– Fraudulently issuing fake certificates to their students.
– Not registering their students with an Awarding organisation, to avoid their registration fees.
– Meeting the very basic requirements of some fitness INSURANCE companies, but failing to meet CIMSPA’s more stringent regulatory standards of certification.


– Those who hold college HNC & HND certifications. Often, and unbeknownst to the college, the certification won’t hold up against Active IQ & CIMSPA standards, and will make it impossible to progress on to their level 3 & 4 qualifications.
– Anyone who has been told by CIMSPA/REPS that their certification is FAKE or unregulated by an Awarding organisation, and is therefore non-compliant & uninsurable.
– Anyone who has completed their course but has only ever received a PASS LETTER, or ‘units completed’ letter, or digital certification ( without an Awarding organisations crest) instead of a HARDCOPY certificate.
– Anyone who simply hasn’t been able to progress through the course: Cant get hold of the provider anymore, can’t seem to pass exams and always seems to fail by 1 or 2 marks, can’t seem to arrange with the provider to book in to do their exams, can’t find out who their mentor is, can’t seem to pass their portfolio or the provider denies having received it.
– Anyone who has used a training provider that has gone out of business, and now cannot honour their commitment to you.
– Anyone who holds a certificate WITHOUT an Awarding organisations crest/stamp on there certificate.

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