Emergency First Aid Course Glasgow

Our emergency first aid course in Glasgow teaches people everything that they need to know in order to become a competent practitioner in emergency first aid at work. At the end of it you will have achieved an Active IQ level 2 certificate. This course is suitable for everyone, people who work in an environment with employees or customers in it.

The emergency first aid course in Glasgow we offer will cost £80, this includes the full course and manuals/portfolio’s and theory. On this course we will teach the necessary skills required to deal with emergencies in the workplace confidently. These courses run monthly which is beneficial as it means then that people aren’t restricted to a particular date one month.

People choose to do their training with us due to the level of commitment of our staff and the support and help that is available throughout the duration of any course that is completed with us. Emergency first aid is a must for many businesses as there should be an appointed first aider in place that people know about who can deal with any occurrences that may happen. We offer this emergency first aid course in Glasgow as it is a must for all personal trainers and gym instructors for insurance purposes.

We have a whole range of courses available that people can undertake, these courses are listed on our website along with information on each and the cost involved with them. At our company we are very passionate about what we do and we like to help people achieve their very best.

If you are interested in our emergency first aid course in Glasgow or any of our other courses then why not sign up today.