Active IQ, Level 2 award in indoor studio cycling – £200!


BODYCORE’S Gwen Mcg will be leading this certification course!

Courses run monthly in Glasgow.
They start at 11:00 and continues until 15:00.

This will be the practical segment of the course, preparing you for a successful practical assessment at the end of the day.
You are also prepared and supported through the following:

– The portfolio will be supplied before the class, to be returned within a week after the practical session, which will include a full lesson plan.

– We also need to see evidence of attendance to spin classes, and to team teach/teach 2 spin classes before certificate will be released to ensure continued professional development.

– Upon successful completion of the portfolio, assessment and proof of teaching experience, you would be issued with a pass letter, to be followed by a certificate within 4 weeks of qualification.

The course cost is £200,
or £150 for PT BUSINESS members.
This Indoor Studio Cycling Instructor Qualification covers all you need to become a studio cycling instructor, all in one day. This course is delivered by a current practitioner in cycling and is a qualification that is internationally recognised.

BODYCORE’s signature  approach  combines:

  • PT MENTORING, accessed daily via messenger or text.

  • IMMERSION sessions, accessed weekly on Saturdays.

  • THE HUB training days, run on the FIRST Saturday of every month.

  • PT BUSINESS CPDs, run on the LAST Saturday of every month.

BODYCORE thrives because of its community of accountable, professional and passionate Personal Trainer (PT) MENTORS and training HUBS.

The inspiration, experience and leadership of our PT MENTORS ensures your success in your own PT BUSINESS, within this dynamic and constantly evolving industry!