Is your current job making you happy?

If you answered no, isn’t it time for you to do something about it?

Ignore the nerves telling you it’s too late to make a career change.

At BODYCORE we have watched many trainees take a leap of faith at all different stages of their lives, we even had someone leave a 9 year retail management position to finally make his dream of becoming a PT a reality. All it took was one phone call…

We want to support your journey too!

Which pathway will you take?

We offer a Distance Learning and a Blended Learning approach.

Both courses provide you with:

  • Electronic training materials
  • Access to our BODYCORE Facebook group
  • Live and recorded Zoom sessions
  • Assistance with filling out portfolios
  • The flexibility to learn at a time and pace that suits you.

The main difference between the courses will be your access to a PT MENTOR®.

The Distance Learning approach will provide you with monthly online support from your PT MENTOR®, whilst the Blended Learning approach will give you weekly 1:1 support, in an online and face-to-face capacity.

Why have a PT MENTOR®?

They provide trainees with unparalleled support and accountability.

Not only will your PT MENTOR® be guiding and motivating you on a professional level, they will also be getting to know you on a personal level. The relationship between a PT MENTOR® and a trainee is one built on trust and dedication. The more you put in, the more you will get from it.

At BODYCORE, we pride ourselves on the impact our PT MENTORS® have had on their trainees’ lives and careers. We are a close-knit team here and we want all our trainees to feel like part of the family.

BODYCORE’s Personal Trainer certification allows you to work for any gym as well as set up and run your own PT business.

Our partnerships and connections within the UK Fitness sector, allows us to confidently ensure graduates job opportunities.

Get in touch today and let’s kickstart your journey to success!