Kettlebell Instructor Course Glasgow

static1.squarespace-3At Bodycore we are able to provide a kettlebell instructor course, this course is available to individuals who are in Glasgow.

The kettlebell instructor course is a one day event with Graeme Cleland who wrestled in the U.S and who has a hands on, fundamental and practical approach to the science and art of kettlebells.

Kettlebell exercises require full body integration as all exercises are compound in nature. During our kettlebell instructor course Graeme Cleland will cover all of the necessary techniques and information that is required to be able to teach safe and effective kettlebell classes and one to one sessions.

The topics covered during the course includes:

  • The history of kettlebell training
  • The benefits of kettlebell training
  • The physiology of kettlebell training
  • Functional kettlebell exercises
  • Variations of kettlebell exercises
  • Planning kettlebell training sessions
  • Evaluating kettlebell training programmes
  • Teaching kettlebell exercises


During your time on the kettlebell instructor course you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to safely teach and perform kettlebell exercises.

Graeme will assess teaching of two of the exercises mentioned below:

  • Swing and Figure 8
  • High pull and clean
  • Snatch and press
  • Windmill and Turkish get up


Before your assessment you will be provided with clear assessment criteria, you’ll also receive written and verbal feedback after your assessments.

You will have a unique case study assigned to you as part of this assessment criteria, this has to be returned to us with a portfolio of the work that will be supplied to you on the course. After this has been returned and verified we will give you the certification.

Our kettlebell instructor course requires physical exertion and individual participation. You are required to hold a level 2 certificate in fitness instruction, this may include:

  • Level 2 gym instructor
  • Level 2 exercise to music


If you only want to complete the training for fun or experience and you aren’t worried about the certification then there are no formal pre-requisites for this programme.

Our course is most suitable for:

  • Adults who are aged 16+ and who want to pursue a career in the health and fitness sector as gym based fitness instructors
  • Personal trainers who are looking to add variety to their work, another revenue stream and a way of meeting more potential clients
  • Fitness instructors who are looking for variety and a way of increasing their income
  • Fitness enthusiasts who wish to improve their own training and knowledge


The certificate that you will receive from us is called Active IQ level 2 certificate ion kettlebells. This can take you to working full time or part time in a fitness/health club in Glasgow or you can work freelance, delivering several classes per week in a wide range of settings. As well as this you can involve yourself in studio coordinating and advanced teaching methods and you can teach classes at fitness events and conventions, with the possibility of becoming a fitness presenter.

To find out more about the kettlebell instructor course that we can offer to you and other individuals in Glasgow all you have to do is get in touch with us. Just see our contact page for more details.