Active IQ, Level 3 award in Advanced nutrition – £350!

The Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance course will provide you will detailed knowledge on nutrition for sports performance. On completion of this course, you will understand how to use nutrition to optimise sports performance, covering areas such as the function of macro & micro-nutrients in exercise and recovery.

The knowledge on the benefits and risks of specific nutritional protocols that you learn about, such as carb loading, will aid personal performance of those doing specific events/sports. It will also be of benefit to the fitness professional as they work alongside a variety of clients whose nutritional requirements need to be taken into consideration during training sessions.

BODYCORE’s signature  approach  combines:

  • PT MENTORING, accessed daily via messenger or text.

  • IMMERSION sessions, accessed weekly on Saturdays.

  • THE HUB training days, run on the FIRST Saturday of every month.

PT MENTORING: This allows you the student, valuable interaction with your successful and inspirational PT MENTOR. Access your PT MENTOR through face to face sessions, FB messenger, email and text. This is the only PT MENTOR led, Personal Training course of its kind.

IMMERSION sessions: At BODYCORE we offer weekly immersion sessions with your PT MENTOR.
These Immersion sessions focus on preparing you for your observed assessment, cover A&P essentials, and set SMART goals for the next week.

Your PT MENTOR will spend at least an hour in the gym environment, preparing you for your observed assessment. Here you will cover advanced cardiovascular and muscular techniques and Training Systems. This synergy of the practical and theoretical is BODYCORE’s signature approach to learning, and truly prepares you for the real world gym environment.

THE HUB training days: These are run monthly, on the FIRST Saturday of the month. Here you will write your exams, perform your observed assessments and hand in your portfolios for marking.