Welcome to BODYCORE!

I created BODYCORE out of a passion for people and Mentoring them toward their Personal training certifications, success, health, happiness and ultimately a better life!

After 20 years of Personal Training and life coaching all over the world, I have come to this one irrefutable fact about life:

“Accountability is the difference between success and failure”.

The ever changing mental and emotional states of individuals, guarantees deviation from pre-defined targets, objectives or SMART goals.

Whether you’re wanting more financial success, physical wellbeing, life purpose or a successful PT business, without accountability to a MENTOR, you will struggle to succeed.

Without an external objective viewpoint and voice of reason, we can and will, convince ourselves of all manner of reason NOT to achieve the desired success.

Accountability to a PT MENTOR ensures your long term development and commitment to attainment of your desires and goals!

A PT MENTOR is simply someone who’s actions inspire and motivate others to dream more, learn more, do more and ultimately BECOME more.

PT MENTORS are the personal trainers that we see in our society DOING and BEING, ‘that’ which we are wanting to be, do or have.

Setting Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Resource-full and Time bound goals, with a PT MENTOR whom your investing in, ensures accountability, and will give you the edge over your competition.
PT MENTORS are the inspirational and motivational people in our lives.

They are the ATHLETES, ENTREPRENEURS and PERSONAL TRAINERS running successful personal training and fitness related businesses!

They THINK, EAT and ACT in accordance with their SMART goals and emulate the visionaries of their industry.
PT MENTORS, are purposed to lead and guide, motivate and inspire, set SMART goals, reach targets and to hold our trainees accountable for the results they are getting.

Healthily yours,
Tobias Moir,
Managing director.
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