Nadia Fantastico


Fitness has been a major part of my life since I started training as a gymnast at 8 years old. I progressed to representing Scotland and trained with the British team.
My fitness career started in 2002 and I have since diversified in to many different areas such as mentoring students, pre & postnatal training and working with people with metal health challenges.
I believe we are always learning no matter how much experience we have.
I also believe in continual professional development as this brings more opportunities, success stories and personal achievements.
When I’m working with learners through their course work I make their goals part of my goals. This is how much it means to me supporting you through your chosen career path.
No matter how little or how much support you need from me in attaining your qualifications, I will work with you until you have passed.
Everyone I’ve have mentored and will be mentoring in the future has and will pass, the only difference is the time scale each person requires in achieving their certificates.

2013 – My first-time body building competition I got 3rd place in the Scottish championships (Figure)
I won the British championship (Miss Athlete)
I then won world championship in Miami (Miss Athlete)
In this same competition I gain Pro Status.

Testimony – Personal Training Role

I am 45-year-old girl! I have been training with Nadia Fantastico for 3 months now and I would consider this to be one of the best choices I have made.

Nadia is a very enthusiastic person, and this motivates me to train. She makes me feel that I can achieve anything! She has a wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition.

The sessions are challenging but also great fun and no two sessions are the same. This makes my body work better. She provides excellent training and fantastic nutritional advise. The training & nutrition have improved my fitness levels and my overall body shape. The combination of great training and nutrition helps me to stress less and enjoy life more!

In addition to the PT sessions, Nadia provides additional support by constructing programs that I can use outdoors, at home, in the gym or in the pool. She has regular contact with me throughout the week to see how I am doing with my training and eating.

I will continue to train with Nadia for as long as she will have me and without question I would highly recommend Nadia Fantastico to males & females of any age group with or without medical conditions. She really has changed my life and is rather quite remarkable!


ESP Fitness Hamilton – Alan Strachan’s Gym & Studio.
Successful newly qualified Personal trainers will have the opportunity to be interviewed for a position as a self-employed Personal trainer within this gym and studio.
Locations for Level 2 and Level 2 & 3 Combi Lerner’s & Exercise to music
South Lanarkshire
North Lanarkshire
Locations for Level 2 & 3 Combi Learners
My online PT



PTLLS (Preparing to Teach Long Life Sector)
Assessing Vocational Achievements
Later Life Training Falls Prevention
GP Referral
Personal Training
Gym Instructor
Pre-& Post Natal
Pre-& Post Aqua natal
Exercise to Music
Kettle Bells
Suspended Body Weight
Chair based
Shokk (7 – 16 Year Olds Training)
Personal Training
Sports Conditioning


I specialise in all areas I’m qualified in.
Tutoring & Assessing for 7 years.
I’ve delivered and been involved in several workshops for both the private and public sector.
My career achievements continue to grow.

Testimony Tutoring & Assessing role:

Nadia, just a note to say thank you so much for all your help when you tutored me through my PT and Bootcamp courses. Your knowledge, positive attitude and detailed approach enabled me to sail through my practical assessments. I hope I can carry your confidence and enthusiasm forward into my future career! Also, for your help and advice on my Diastasis recti / split abs, as you know I could easily get 2 fingers between my abs and that was 18 months after giving birth to my 3rd baby. I’m happy to say following your advice I am down to less than a finger gap now – I’m so pleased.


Testimony Tutoring & Assessing role:
Having worked with Nadia through my level 2 Gym Instructor course and now my Level 3 PT course, I can’t recommend her highly enough. If your looking to really perfect your chosen craft then Nadia is Mentor to go with, she has taught me how important is is to refer back to basics with teaching points and I agree this makes for being a great Personal Trainer. I have always felt incredibly comfortable around her throughout my assessments and have found her extremely helpful, whenever I have contacted her she has always responded in a timely manner and I feel she has invested a lot of time into helping me complete my course.