Personal Trainer Certification Glasgow

static1.squarespace-2Here at Bodycore a personal trainer certification is an internationally recognised level 3 qualification, so it isn’t just recognised in Glasgow and the UK. All of our courses are reps recognised and have been approved by the respected Active IQ governing body.

At Bodycore we take the personal trainer certification process very seriously and we always ensure that all information is relevant and accurate. We not only give you the paperwork that is needed for your career but we also develop you into a strong, informed and driven personal trainer.

When you are doing one of our courses you will be able to use our immersion sessions, they are fun as well as highly focused and informative. There is no teaching out of textbooks so there is no tutoring! Instead we use SMART goals.

You will be responsible for your own learning and freeing up the session time for learning about personal training. One of our mentors will be there to guide you through the process and will advise you on the mindset, nutrition advice and techniques of what it will take to succeed as a personal trainer.

The main aim of Bodycore is to help you and other learners in Glasgow to advance mentally, emotionally and physically. We take pride in delivering the personal trainer certification along with a qualification that focuses on the development of you rather than the attainment of your qualification.

If you are in Glasgow and you would like to find out more about the personal trainer certification then feel free to contact us. We are available through email or you can give us a call, see our contact page for more details.