Personal Trainer Courses Rosemount

Being A Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer is more than just a job, it is about inspiring people and educating them to live happier and healthier. It is about having the ability to make money doing something that you love and making a difference to other people’s lives.

A lot of people have this assumption that personal trainers just get to work out all of the time. In reality, a personal trainer’s job is to educate and motivate their clients and to be there to support and guide them throughout their entire health and fitness journey.

Creating a workout for a client is certainly a part of what you will do as a personal trainer, however, it is just that – it is one piece. As a personal trainer you will have to take the time to get to know your clients to develop a sense of trust and understanding – this is done by listening to your clients challenges, goals, individual needs and much much more.

A good personal trainer takes time to assess a client’s readiness i.e whether or not they are ready to make a lasting behaviour change, their current fitness levels and what movements and exercises will be best for them and then create a customised approach to exercise that will suit their needs.

When you become a personal trainer you will find that the time that you spend working with your clients to become a better version of themselves (both physically and psychologically) is what will make you a better person and ultimately – a better personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Courses

Here at BodyCore Training, we offer a wide range of personal trainer courses that will help you on your path to becoming a personal trainer.

Our courses are as follows:

  • Level 2 gym instructor
  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Gym & PT combined
  • Emergency first aid
  • Level 2 spin instructor
  • Level 2 kettlebell instructor
  • Advanced CPD courses


One of the best parts of using one of our personal trainer courses is the fact that our qualifications are recognised not only in Rosemount but across the globe. Our international PT certifications are standardised and regulated by CIMSPA, REPS, OFQUAL, YMCA and ACTIVE IQ.

We currently have the UK’s only PT mentor led, personal training and level 4 courses.

We give all of our learners unlimited access to MY PT HUB – This is the world’s number one software for all of your clients training and nutritional needs.

We pride ourselves on offering the only PT course in Rosemount and in the UK that comes with a PT job guarantee or your money back. You will also receive 12 months of PT business support and a listing on trainer hub – the PT comparison site.

If you become a part of PT business then you will receive 25{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} off all of our additional courses for life.

Contact Us

If you live in or near Rosemount and you are interested in becoming a personal trainer with our courses then get in touch with us. Feel free to give us a call on our freephone number: 0800 246 5712.