Our whole industry is about getting ‘uncomfortable’.

Constantly, methodically, and armed with client interviews, SMART goals, progressive overviews and programme cards, we (almost) guarantee getting our clients a result.

The client pays us to inflict discomfort on them, in the form of behavioural exchange, nutritional planning and physical activity.

The Personal Trainer happily accepts the role of inflicting discomfort in exchange for cash, on a willing client, and the client accepts this role as necessary in their desire for the ‘body beautiful’.

One more rep. One more set. Faster, deeper, harder, longer, bigger, slower, and tighter.

Eventually, the client isn’t satisfied until they’ve reached this point of discomfort, as they know within themselves (at least intuitively if not scientifically) that that is where growth takes place.

They take pleasure in reaching this point of intense discomfort. They will miss it if they don’t receive it, and will go to someone else if you stop giving it to them.

It’s a beautiful relationship!

PTs have no problem training clients, other PTs and even themselves with the parameters mentioned above.

There are literally thousands of personal trainers who are waking up today wondering where their next sale is going to come from.

The turnover rate in this industry is alarming, with budget gyms especially, going through PTs like its nobody’s business.

Retention of the clients base (the members), becomes a massive issue as we, the PT, move on to supposed greener pastures.

PTs being the face and personality of any gym, take with them the consistency, social network and and structure that members rely on to succeed.

There are many reasons why this high turnover occurs of course, but I’m wanting to make you a little uncomfortable, by suggesting that it’s MAINLY down to the PT.

The PT often waits for business to come to them.
Waits for the phone to ring, the referal to come, the opportunity to arise, the clients to approach.

Let’s think about that PT/client relationship again.

How is it that we know how to get results with our PT clients, but then somehow forget that we need to apply the same principles to ourselves in our PT business?

This DISCOMFORT: doing that which stretches you, challenges you, pushes you, pressures you- and eventually refines, sculpts and defines you, is the magic ingredient that we tend to shy away from when in Business.


Do not be mistaken- you are in BUSINESS. Most of you are NOT an employee of these gyms.

You are freelancers.
Self employed.

You exchange hours for rent.
Or give a % of each sale over.
These are business transactions.

You are there RENT FREE! The biggest expense/overhead of a PT is taken care of, and you can pocket any money you make after that.

Plus, you are on the gym floor, or running classes in exchange for your hours, you are EXACTLY where you need to be to attain new clients.
This is your advertising time.

Hammering on your craft, YOU, is what will ensure your success.

Looking, acting, walking, talking, thinking, feeling, learning, growing into the BEST version of yourself is what this business is all about.

Your character and individuality, therefore, is what will separate you from all the other PTs.

Not being afraid to be the individual. Unique. Transparent. Honest and unapologetically yourself.

The responsibility falls on your shoulders therefore.

The competition, other PTs, the management, the demographic or the economy…all factors perhaps, but not reasons why you are not as successful as you wish to be.
I surmise that if you are not UNCOMFORTABLE, you are not growing.

We will always have the pause, rest between the ‘sets and reps’ of effort, so I’m not suggesting throwing comfort out the window.

We’re taking about incremental, daily effort toward a pre determined goal yet to be realised.

A goal that is just out of reach, but within the realms of your current belief system to achieve.


1)Write your goals down using a SMART goal format.

SPECIFIC- What is your goal?

MEASURABLE- How will you know when it is complete?

ACHIEVABLE- What Actions would help reach this goal?

REALISTIC- What Resources are in place to ensure this goal is met?

TIME- When will this goal be completed by?
Set daily, weekly and monthly SMART goals to reach your financial targets, number of new clients, material learnt, dietary improvements or relationship growth.



1)Look back to what once was very new and uncomfortable for you.
2)Enjoy the feelings of success that it brings to know you’re not challenged by them anymore.
3)Think of what makes you uncomfortable or challenges you now.
4)How good would it feel to conquer that fear and turn it into a strength!