Every time an idea is developed in your mind, the brain’s hypothalamus converts your thought into neuropeptides that embodies a prevailing emotion linked to your thought.

Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules, peptides, used by neutrons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain in many specific ways. Different neuropeptides are involved in a wide range of brain functions, including analgesia, reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning and memory.
* Positive emotions produce positive neurotransmitters, creating a sort of biological “addiction” in our cells—all day, every day—for more positive emotions.
* Negative emotions produce neurotransmitters that are harmful to our cells, creating a sort of biological “addiction” in our cells—all day, every day—for more negative emotions.
Every emotion (love, joy, peace, anger, frustration, sadness) has a unique neuropeptide associated with it, and our bodies produce that unique neuropeptide by the billions every time we experience a particular emotion.
The neuropeptides hitches a ride through your bloodstream and attach themselves onto a vessel on the cell’s membrane and therefore become EMBEDDED into your cells.

The cells grow more receptacles for the neuropeptide they are most familiar with and they transmit signals to your hypothalamus to produce more of these neuropeptides.

This is the important part, you should realize that the hypothalamus produce neuropeptides according to the emotions you experience with your thoughts.

If you always experience positive emotions then your body will become ADDICTED to a positive emotional state. This is how manifesting takes place, scientifically inside your body.

So it is through our positive emotions and ideas that we start to gain more control of our lives, and start attracting and creating success and abundance.





1) Define your passion/purpose.
When we are purpose driven, and are passionate about our pursuits, we will never work another day in our lives. Generally a good question is: “How can I help?”
When we are focused on service and what we can do for others, we become a lot clearer on our purpose. Passion, is the never ending force that when aligned to a purpose creates an unstoppable force.
What is needed? How can I serve?


2)SMART goal setting- In order to achieve, you need to be able to become HYPER FOCUSED on the information in your environment that SUPPORTS your desired outcome.
– CREATE A GOAL FOR THIS MONTH. This goal will be a short term goal. Think about how to bridge your Vision ( your LONG term goal) with the present through SHORT and MEDIUM goals.
I find this format best, but experiment with what serves you best.

SPECIFIC- What is your goal?
Be as absolute as you can. Define your goal in real terms.
MEASURABLE- How will you know when it is complete? Bank balance, body fat measure, course finished.
ACHIEVABLE- What Actions would help reach this goal? Daily tasks, Rituals. Actions. Be results driven!
REALISTIC- What Resources are in place to ensure this goal is met?
Money, time, your network, skill set, knowledge.
TIME- When will this goal be completed by? Be very time Specific.



Partner up with an accountability partner.
“I believe Accountability is the difference between success and failure.
The ever changing mental and emotional states of individuals, guarantees deviation from pre-defined targets, objectives or SMART goals.
Whether you’re wanting more financial success, physical wellbeing, life purpose or a successful PT business, without accountability to a MENTOR, you will struggle to succeed.
Without an external objective viewpoint and voice of reason, we can and will, convince ourselves of all manner of reason NOT to achieve the desired success.
Accountability to a MENTOR ensures your long term development and commitment to attainment of your desires and goals!”
– Ive created a FB page to communicate with each other in regard to any questions that may arise.
– Please communicate your SMART GOAL for the month to your partner/ mentor!
– Weekly communication of your progress should be enough.
Working on YOU, the PRODUCT , will create that lasting success that’s CRUCIAL to longevity in this constantly evolving and fast paced industry.



“Your Predominant thoughts, words and actions shape your reality”