Pt MENTOR methods

  1. MIND-MAP your ideas, plans, goals, dreams & desires. Wrote down what you are passionate + purposes about to create a VISION for your life.
  2. Decide on your primary FOCUS that when accomplished, will bring about your VISION and encompasses as many of the goals and tasks required to achieve this VISION.
  3. Create a SMARTER goal around your primary FOCUS.
  4. Take consistent daily ACTION toward your SMARTER GOAL, by being task oriented.
  5. A MENTOR will ensure you remain ACCOUNTABLE on a weekly/ monthly basis




Only 3% of people ever write down their goals- but 98% of successful people write them down often!

Create a GOAL so awe inspiring that it focuses all your mind and all your energy to its achievement! All your other goals become mere stepping stones along the way.


1)SPECIFIC, SPECIALISED & SIGNIFICANT goal.  Create services, systems & social solutions. What is your primary FOCUS, that when accomplished, brings you in alignment with your life VISION.

2)MEANINGFUL & motivational way to MEASURE the success of your FOCAL goal being accomplished.

3)ACHIEVEMENT through taking massive daily ACTIONS & remaining ACCOUNTABLE to a MENTOR. Taking RIGHT action, with a good ATTITUDE is important in order to create a positive feedback loop. 

4)RESOURCES + reliable relationships = realistic ‘realisation’ of your goals. 

Ensure that you are supported by enough of the RIGHT resources to achieve your primary FOCUS.

5)TASK TRACKER to record actions completed, hourly, daily & weekly. TIME allocated to complete each task. Write up your TASK list to complete the next day, at the end of your work day- before bed. Get up the next day and work on the tasks, focusing on the one task that will move you forward.

6)EVOLVE & EDUCATE yourself beyond your current comfort zone. Obstacles to transcend. Barriers to smash. Your big shift is on the other side of the DISCOMFORT zone! If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!


Your ACTIONS = your outcome. Your RESPONSE to this OUTCOME is crucial to your attitude moving forward. “Own your outcome!”

REFINE & repeat the whole process.