Earn £200 for a referral, £400 for the second, and £400 for any consecutive referal within the same calendar month.

That’s an extra £1000 extra a month simply by referring 3 students  to BODYCORE, who sign up for the COMBINED COURSE.

Pool your efforts with other GMs, AGMs, PTs and within your own social network. You can even refer under the SAME NAME, to take advantage of the high earning potential!

We ALL know someone who wants to become a PT – So why not personally benefit from it, whilst referring people to a favoured, reputable and competitively priced Active IQ PT course provider.

There are only 3 easy steps:

1) You or the potential PT student texts 07505900811, or do a FB group introduction, with: their full name,  your full name  ( to identify who gets the Referral fee),  and the course they are interested in.

2)  I will then contact them to secure the sale, doing all the hard work!

3) Once the £400 deposit is made, or payment is made in full, you will receive your fee into your chosen bank account within the hour. It’s never been so easy to passively earn!


Text Tobias Moir, Managing Director on 07505900811 to have a  confidential chat, and to discuss how you or your GYM can get involved.