Become a PT MENTOR or independent training HUB.

Bodycore thrives because of its  COMMUNITY of accountable, professional and passionate PT MENTORS  and  training HUBS.

If you’ve ever wanted to change the PT industry from within, this is your opportunity. Recruitment, training and retention of new personal trainers is a lucrative, rewarding and essential service that every gym in the country needs!

Become an independent training HUB, fully supported by our community of Active IQ qualified PT MENTORS, assessors and verifiers.

PT MENTOR and training HUB benefits

  • Train the trainers and earn £800-£1000 mentoring students toward their Personal Training qualifications.

  • As a training HUB, receive an impressive 50% off all CPD courses you wish to personally undertake to develop yourself.

  • As a training HUB, receive PT BUSINESS membership for free, giving 25% off all CPDs you wish to run in-house to your colleagues and staff.

  • Access ALL of our courses including Kettlebell, Indoor cycling, Level 4 PT and the Level 4 Strength & Conditioning.

  • Become part of this growing community, and enjoy increased market exposure through our PPC and SEO campaign.

  • Design and run your own workshops and CPDs with CIMSPA, Active IQ and BODYCORE endorsement.

  • Separate yourself from the competition by becoming an educational HUB and a health and fitness authority within your community.

  • The Active IQ Education & Training and Assessor qualifications you will receive, are internationally recognised. TEACH & ASSESS anything you hold a certificate in.

Becoming a PT MENTOR is easy!

These MENTOR courses are competitively priced, easy and time efficient to do, and the cost of the qualification pays for itself with your very first PT student.

We have in-house staff trained to guide you and your centre toward successful and timely completion, and you are able to start operations as a  PT MENTOR or training HUB immediately upon registration!

Simply call or text today on 07505 900811, or email me your interest on

Healthily yours,

Tobias Moir, managing director