Become a PT MENTOR or an independent training HUB and enjoy massive benefits!

Recruitment, training and retention of new personal trainers is a lucrative, rewarding and essential service that every gym in the country needs.
If you’ve ever wanted to change the PT industry from within – this is your opportunity!

BODYCORE will equip your facility in being able to TEACH & ASSESS Active IQ qualifications such as GYM or PT, as well as any other CPD that we offer.
Be assured, you will be supported by our community of Active IQ qualified assessors, advisors and internal verifiers to ensure a seamless, professional and enjoyable student experience.

Through the achievement of the Active IQ TEACHING & the Active IQ ASSESSING qualifications, you or your facility will be awarded an independent training HUB license, allowing you to access all of the unprecedented BENEFITS listed below.

PT MENTOR & training HUB benefits

  • Train the trainers and earn £700 per student mentoring them toward their Personal Training qualifications. Alternatively, allow our PT MENTORS to do all the work for you, and enjoy a passive £100 fee per student REFERRED to us, or attained through advertising within your facility.

  • Receive 25% off all CPD courses that you or your staff wish to undertake! This is an industry first, and gives your PT team the professional development that they will thank you for. This service will be run in-house whenever possible.

  • Endorse a course with BODYCORE! Design and run your own workshops and CPDs with CIMSPA, Active IQ and BODYCORE endorsement. This is your chance to truly demonstrate your authority as an expert in your field. Separate yourself from the competition by becoming an educational HUB within your community.

  • RECRUIT, TRAIN and RETAIN your own staff on site and instil your clubs ethos from the start of the PT journey. Create successful Personal Trainers whom will push and support YOUR brand and Gym & create loyalty through all the benefits you can offer them as a training HUB. Never again will you need to rely on an external training provider to support and qualify your staff.

  • We love to co-brand, but for our larger partnerships with 5+ clubs, we offer an optional & totally unique ‘WHITE LABEL’ service. This would include a unique domain name to match YOUR brand, a fully functional website with the ability to take Paypal payments, and YOUR clubs logo on the site. Take advantage of our existing marketing campaign via SEO & PPC, and access our sales & marketing team.

Becoming a PT MENTOR or training HUB is easy!

These PT MENTOR courses are competitively priced, easy and time efficient to do, and the cost of the qualification pays for itself with your very first PT student.

Attain the Level 3 Active IQ qualificationLevel 3 Active IQ qualification in Education & training, and the Level 3 Active IQ qualification in Assessing competency in the workplace- at a phenomenal price!

We have in-house staff trained to guide you and your centre toward successful and timely completion, and you are able to start operations as a  PT MENTOR or independent training HUB  immediately upon registration.

Simply call or text today on 07505 900811, or email me your interest on

Healthily yours,

Tobias Moir, managing director