Terms and Conditions



The contract commences upon receipt of your deposit /  payment to Body Core Training.

  • There is a no refund policy on all  courses effective immediately upon purchase.
  • When your deposit has been reduced, or you’ve purchased a sale item, there is a no refund policy and you may be billed to cover the expenses incurred by BODYCORE.
  • However, should you for any reason be unable to attend the course you signed up for,  you can redeem half the cost of the course against any other course we offer.
  • BODYCORE works in partnership with many partners including gyms and individual personal trainers under our Mentorship programme.  These affiliate partners can be found listed on our website under training HUBS. BODYCORE is not liable for any  transactions undertaken by these third parties.
  • BODYCORE supplies the intellectual property and all course material, including manuals.
  • If you miss a monthly payment, a penalty of one months fees ( £200) is added to your balance, which may stop you from receiving your certificates on time.
  • If for some reason, you cannot continue on the course, and you wish to transfer the course over to someone else, the registration fee of £200 per level needs to be paid.
  • You have 6 months to complete the level 2 + 3 online course, 6 months to complete the level 2 + 3 combi course, 3 months to complete the level 2 gym course and 3 months to complete the level 3 PT course.
  • It is the students responsibility to book in any future sessions with their mentor, once intial contact is made.
  • There is a strict 24 hour MINIMUM CANCELLATION policy for students who have arranged to meet their Mentor for an exam or observed assessment. There is a £50 charge for missing your arranged appointment without cancellation. Non compliance may lead to certification being withheld.
  • Certificates will not be released until full payment is made.
  • Once you commit to a CPD course date, you lose the fee if you don’t show up on the day.
  • The ‘job guarantee or your money back’ requires you to go to interviews set up by BODYCORE.  If you attend all interviews within a 6 month period ( after qualification), and still do not acquire a position, you will recieve your money back.
  • The job guarantee applies to FREELANCE PT positions only.
  • PAYMENTS must be paid in full before being able to apply for your money back.
  • BODYCORE will work within a 20 mile radius of your home, and will always endevour to find you a suitable free lance position close to where you live.
  • In order for students to take advantage of the ‘job guarantee or your money back’, your certificates remain with BODYCORE until you’ve either gotten a job ( with or without our help). Or you have decided that you would like your certificate,  and are happy to relinquish us from any obligation to you regarding the money back guarantee.
  • The ‘job guarantee’ only comes with the Mentored course, as we will need to work closely with you to ensure success with this. It does not apply to the distance / online learning course.


Body Core Training can be contacted by emailing bodycorementor@gmail.com


Body Core Training International Headquarters
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141 Finnieston Street
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