I would like to thank everybody in Bodycore, especialy Tobias Moir, Rosie Moir and Graeme Cleland for guidance, excellent mentoring and helping me start doing what I enjoy everyday.
Best investment in myself with best PT Course available.


I highly recommend Bodycore. The usual busy life of a family with 3 young kids together with maintaining a job as a Group Fitness Instructor at a local gym, this course was just what I needed.

The support, motivation, instruction and let’s be honest gentle prodding by Tobias helped me achieve the Level 3 accreditation within my timescale goals. The course offered flexibility of study and exam dates which was essential to me at this time. I was not able to attend many of the workshops due to work/ family commitments but those I did make I found valuable in the practical aspects of personal training. Cannot thank Tobias enough for the support.



I was introduced to Bodycore by a friend at a previous gym.
I got in contact with the company and had an amazing phone conversation with Tobias.It was at that point i knew i had made the correct choice and was going to be with the right company to propel me to the next level of my career.
Tobias and the team took me under their wing and from day one were absolutely amazing.
From the saturday morning study and practical sessions to the extra midweek sessions that tobias and rosie would provide for extra study it really was going the extra mile not just for me but other students too.

Tobias is a very understanding, patient, kind gentleman and it made my study experience a whole lot easier.
Rosie was also amazing and even if you had failed an exam she was very upbeat and kept the spirits high so you had the belief that next time would be a pass.
I will be eternally grateful to bodycore for the chance they have given me in life now and it is the only company i recommend to people who are ever thinking of making a change in their life and getting qualified in the fitness industry.

Thank you Tobias,Rosie and all the team from the bottom of my heart for helping me.

Paul Mcdonagh


I highly recommend Bodycore. The usual busy life of a family with young kids together with maintaining a job as a Group Fitness Instructor at a local gym, this course was just what I needed.

The support, motivation, instruction and let’s be honest ‘gentle prodding’ by Tobias helped me achieve the Level 3 accreditation within my timescale goals. The course offered flexibility of study and exam dates which was essential to me at this time. I was not able to attend many of the workshops due to work/ family commitments but those I did make I found valuable in the practical aspects of personal training. Cannot thank Tobias enough for the support.



Constant support from Tobias and Graeme as well as a fantastic price and payment option for the courses. Can’t fault them. The ability to be mentored by one of their PT mentors as well as being available for support has helped me build my confidence in becoming a personal trainer.



Pleased to announce I am officially a Fully Qualified and Licensed PERSONAL TRAINER thanks to Bodycore!

I need to give Tobias Moir and Graeme Cleland 2 very special shout outs for being phenomenal mentors to me and for all of their humbling guidance, advice, critique and compliments throughout my time with Bodycore.

Stepping back into a student role, closing your mouth and opening your ears to learn new things is essential in order to succeed and grow. It was a very humbling and amazing experience as you are never “too experienced” to learn new things or be taught new things.

I managed to get through my Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification in under 2 weeks and my Level 3 Personal Training Diploma Qualification in under 2 weeks aswell.

It all started with a life changing phone call to Tobias which lit the fire inside me to finally become a personal trainer and do what i was always destined to be doing. I handed my notice in and walked away from a 9yr retail management career only 4 weeks ago and havnt looked back since!

It has been an absolute honour and privilege to be welcomed into the Bodycore family and get to know all the mentors and my amazing fellow students. Bodycore is the place to be if you want to succeed in life – thats a fact!

Surrounding yourself with like minded positive, passionate, amazing people is what you need to lift you up and help you grow

I hope this message can serve as some inspiration to anyone that when you want somthing bad enough and just BE BRAVE, take that leap of faith and put all of your efforts towards achieving that goal – anything is possible!

Now into the big bad world of PTing. I will be spending all weekend working on my business and on clients programmes and on monday will hit the ground running.

Thank you for everything Tobias and Graeme and to all of my friends who are still on the course good luck and i look forward to hearing when you all pass.




One year ago, I walked the walk! Straight out of my comfort zone and into the welcoming arms of the Bodycore family! Fitness has always played a huge part in my life so when my niece came to me, looking for help to get her weight down, fitness levels up and wedding ready, I automatically jumped at the chance which gave me the nudge I needed to live my dream and become a Personal Trainer. That’s when I met Tobias, Rosie and his inspiring team of mentors who shared knowledge & experience you just can’t buy in textbooks. Their passion for the fitness industry is clearly demonstrated at the weekly coaching sessions, together with additional support via text, email or face to face should you require it! I am extremely lucky & grateful to them all, for believing in me and pushing me over the finish line and gaining my Level 2 & 3 qualification. Thankfully, it doesn’t stop there! This wonderful team continue to widen our knowledge, providing additional CPD and courses in Nutrition, Kettlebells, Spin & Pre/Post Natal Fitness to name but a few… In this arena, you can’t stand still – there’s always something else to learn! So, if you’re wanting to walk the walk & stop talking the talk – get in touch with Tobias today and join our family. It will be the best thing you can do today!!
A huge thank you to Tobias, Rosie & Graeme for all your continuing support xxx



I can’t thank Tobias, Rosie and Graeme enough for their support!! Bodycore is an amazing organisation to learn with. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to learn from and work alongside amazing mentors and wonderful people in the Bodycore family, who, like me, are on a journey of learning, all working together as we learn and share our passion for the industry both Saturday and Tuesday at Bodycore sessions.
The first class delivery by Darren, Tobias, Graeme and other mentors and professionals of additional courses, workshops, and CPD seminars I have attended makes learning interesting, fun and ensures that you can constantly add to the skills gained in your Level 2 and 3 qualification with relevant skills and information to support you in business. If you are looking for an organisation who strives to deliver to the highest standard then look no further!



Had an excellent experience going through my level 2 and 3 with the guys from Bodycore.
Darren was a superb mentor and went above and beyond to help me get through the course and helped with study sessions around my already hectic lifestyle.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get through their PT qualifications.



I have had an amazing time with bodycore. I was completely new to the fitness world and at 44 I was a little bit scared of how it would go. I completed and passed my level 2 gym instructor and level 3 personal trainer in just under 4 months. I am really sad it’s finished, however I have been offered a really exciting diverse role as a result of my training with Steve and Tobias. I will be back for more and definetly will be recommending you to anyone who’s thinking about this. It’s a great opportunity that can lead to so many things.



Bodycore has helped me achieve both my level 2 and level 3 qualifications. The company allowed me to go at my own pace and work whilst gaining my qualifications. Tobias provided so much support and answered all of my questions. Cannot thank Bodycore enough for helping me start my new career and highly recommend the company to anyone else looking to start a career in personal training.



Thanks you Bodycore for you excellent training to become a qualified PT. Tobias and Rosie are great people and instructors. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to qualify to be a personal trainer. Much Appreciation thank you.



I am a student of bodycore, where I achieved success in my level 3, I would never go anywhere else after the way I have been treated, I was welcomed into the company with open arms by each member of the team I came across, particularly Tobias Moir and Darren Marr, these two are a credit to the company and I hold nothing but respect for them! Even when problems came up they didn’t quit on me, they worked through and helped me in every way they could! I highly recommend the involvement in this company in any way, shape or form. I owe a lot to this company and the people involved.



I chose to get my level 3 Personal Training qualification through Bodycore because I had heard nothing but brilliant reviews. I wasn’t disappointed. The support you get from the guys at Bodycore is outstanding. I lacked confidence in myself at being able to achieve my level 3 but Tobias continually encouraged me to just go for it! I’m so glad he did because without that push and guidance I would still be sitting on the fence wondering if I was good enough or not. Honestly can’t fault these guys they are amazing and genuinely care for their students ambitions.



I achieved my level 2 and 3 with bodycore they were always on hand with me and had great mentoring too. Tobias goes out of his way to make sure you smash your qualification with determination and grit. Himself and Darren marr and Pauline O ‘Neill helped me to complete my journey will forever be grateful. So if your on the net and trying to choose which one to work with go with Bodycore all the way. Not only do they help you with this but also with other courses at a fraction of the price because you have trained with them. Great bunch of people Bodycore all the way!



I put a lot of time into choosing the perfect company to do my learning to achieve the accreditation I needed for my dream job. After speaking with Tobias I new this was the best place for me having been out of learning for a long time this was my biggest fear self learning Tobias assured me as a mentor I would get every bit of help and support I needed to get my goal. (Dream job) As now I’ve Recently qualified in my Level 2 gym and level 3 PT I can’t thanks the guys at bodycore enough for all there support through my journey making both learning easy and fun full of support it is like your own wee extended family both mentors and students who which are now friends could thank them enough knowing I can pick up the phone,email or meet up anytime ask questions still be supported after I’ve qualified is amazing.




I’ve really enjoyed taking my teaching and assessing qualifications with bodycore, and am loving being part of the team!



Just wanted to say a wee random thankyou to Tobias Moir for his kindness and understanding when I done my level 2 and 3 last year. Was going through a difficult time back then and he was thoughtful and understanding when helping me achieve my certificates. Also to Pauline who helped me with some things when she didn’t even have to. So thanks guys.



After fully researching which (of the many!) companies out there to train to become a PT, I can undoubtedly say I made the right choice.

Tobias has been and continues to be a great mentor (oh did I say I fully qualified in Dec. I had to manage around my family and work needs so not predictive, this wasn’t an issue as I felt Bodycore moulded the course to meet mine.

Loved the process of weekly meet ups, great way to learn and share each other’s ideas as well as experience.

In short if you’re considering becoming a PT, go to Bodycore.



Thank you Bodycore for your excellent training to become a qualified PT. Tobias and Rosie are great people and instructors. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to qualify to become a personal trainer. Much Appreciation thank you!



Above and beyond help is what you’ll get with bodycore.
Having a full time job and studying is never easy but having a mentor like Jay with the unlimited support day and night is helping me stay focussed on the task in hand.
I’ve never met someone that just wants you to do well and smash each test and learn new things and that’s what you’ll get with bodycore. You’ll have some of the most passionate people taking you through the course.



I Qualified this year, level 2 and level 3 PT, I am so happy I chose Bodycore Training, if you are thinking of starting a career in the fitness industry, I can absolutely recommend that you use this company, Tobias and his wife Rosie are so supportive and encouraging at a time when you really need it, one of the best decisions I have ever made, a BIG thank you to you both.



I completed my Level 2 & Level 3 with Bodycore and not only were they there to give unbelievable support but also made going back to learning easier. I was able to fit this course into my schedule and it was a truly enjoyable experience. I honestly can’t recommend them enough.

Thanks so much to Tobias and Rosie and the rest of the Bodycore team – I can’t wait to get started.



I chose Bodycore for my Level 2 Gym instructor and L3 Personal Trainer. With their supportive and knowledgeable mentors it was a tremendous learning experience, one that I continued by taking their Spin and First Aid courses. I’ve just last weekend attended their Kettlebells Trainer course, which was another great learning experience. Tobias and his team really do a fabulous job. If you have to pick a company for you gym, PT or other courses, pick them. I’m very happy that I did.



Had Darren Marr as a mentor for Level 2 Gym Instructor Course just there. Phenomenal teacher! Made it all so seem so easy. Enjoyed every minute of it.



Choosing BodyCore to complete my Level 3 PT and Indoor Cycling Instructor qualification was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I could not be happier with the support and the course itself. Tobias and Rosie go out of their way to help and accommodate. I just wish I had done it sooner. If you are considering embarking on a new career or adding to existing qualifications, just do it! I had many reservations about whether I could manage the course around working and being a mummy. Thankfully the team at BodyCore made it not just possible but so enjoyable. Cannot recommend enough x



Genuine love and appreciation for Rosie and Tobias at bodycore, I am still pretty overwhelmed at the help and support that was offered to me to ensure I got through my level 2 and level 3 qualifications in my course at bodycore! These guys really do go above and beyond the realms of expectation to deliver an elite standard and above all else to ensure you become the best you can be going forward as an embassador of representation for the fitness industry itself. Eternally grateful Caroline xx



Recently completed lvl2 & PT lvl 3, courses with Bodycore team are seriously amazing! Always had fun on lessons. It’s NOT only like ‘pay, have certificates and go’ they’re taking care of you, helping to get a job, helping to create a good bussines etc. I’m very happy that I could make the courses with them!



Excellent Team,I`ve really learnt a lot through the course.Bodycore will take you to be one of the best PT in the market simply because they work in an unique way.Highly recommend!



Recently completed lvl 2 & 3 courses with Tobias and the Bodycore group. Excellent experience very well organised and made the course feel relaxed but got to the point and explained everything very well!

Highly recommend these guys as I really enjoyed the course and made everything feel at ease ! Great value for money!
Tobias and the team will go out their way to help you in anyway they can!



Really found the course to be engaging, professional and comfortably prepares you for your first employment as a PT. Tobias is a great example of a successful Personal Trainer, open, friendly and knowledgeable. What he has been able to achieve through his entrepreneurialism and hard work makes him an icon for most up and coming personal trainers.
Cheers for everything!



I can’t thank Tobias and the Bodycore team enough for all there help and support they have given me throughout my Level 3 PT course. I have never met such inspiring people who are there for you every step of the way. I am so thankful to everyone of you who has helped me and I feel so blessed that I choose Bodycore and would highly recommend them to anyone who is wanting to get into the fitness industry.



I recently completed my level 3 personal training course with Darren Marr being my tutor. What a guy he is. Friendly, approachable and has plenty banter. He made learning fun and engaging which makes it so much easier for us to learn and understand. He clearly knows what he’s talking about and if you ever get him as a tutor/mentor, you won’t be disappointed.



Bodycore has given a fantastic opportunity to work as a tutor and assist to work towards an internal verifier. By working around my busy schedule, I’m pleased to be closer in touch with the fitness industry. I have found the vocational courses provided to be very appealing for anyone to interested to become a trainer! The time and money saved with Bodycore is far more effective than other leading course providers that I have seen.



Absolutely fantastic course . Tobias is an absolute perfect person to know and to get mentored by. I started my course and flew through it within 10 weeks . His knowledge and understanding of the fitness trade has brought me on leaps and bounds since and during the course. Any question will be answered with so much confidence about the course and even starting up your own business. I am so grateful I me met him and pushed myself to follow my dream . I thank you very much once again .



I was lucky enough to recently complete a Level 3 PT course with Darren Marr as my tutor.Great interactive and unforgettable teaching style…from day one he made learning fun whilst covering everthing we needed to know. Very inspirational and now I cannot wait to get stuck into my new career!



Starting my journey with Bodycore doing my Level 2 & 3.
So far an amazing company with an easy set up process and very quickly in touch after initial payment.
Can’t wait for the future.



I cannot fault Bodycore in any way what so ever! The best money I have spent this year! Tobias is a fantastically motivated mentor and a genuine pleasure to work with! His support and way of teaching is amazing! Anyone looking to undertake Level 2 or Level 3 training… Look no further!



I highly recommend Bodycore – professional service – great mentoring – given me the tools I need to succeed.



Recently completed my REPS Level 2 & REPS Level 3 and am now a fully qualified Personal Trainer. Bodycore have been fantastic all along the way and especially the help and support from my mentor Grant Thomson. Thanks Bodycore!



Great course, amazing mentors, friendly atmosphere.
Totally recommend!



Very helpful! Having kids made it harder for me to complete in 6 weeks, but that wasn’t a bother to Bodycore, or my instructor David Tuck who let me complete it in my own pace.
Would recommend.



Absolutely fantastic company. Tobias and Rosie could not be more helpful in getting me to pass my exams. Total support from start to finish even in helping find a job. Could not recommend any more!



I completed my Level 2 & 3 through Bodycore. I found the mentoring program here key to my success & was the reason I signed up to Bodycore as opposed to any other company. Everyone was very friendly and the knowledge learned didn’t just serve me well to achieve the qualification but also helped me get off to a flying start as I gained a job at a reputable gym and picked up 9 clients for personal training in my first 10days. Thank you Bodycore!



I’m now proudly a qualified Bodycore personal trainer. If you want the confidence of knowing you can be the best then working with the best is a great start!



Good Value for money! Recommend for anyone who wants a carreer in the fitness industry! Also recommend mentor David Tuck, very helpful guy!



Working with Bodycore has helped me excel in ways I never knew possible. Believing that I can help people pave their futures, like Tobias Moir helped me to do while studying with Bodycore. My journey teaching has been a rewarding one and I urge people to branch out and have faith to know that they too can make themselves and others a success.


Darren Marr was my tutor for my Level 3 Diploma Course. I feel Darren was not only an excellent tutor in delivering the course material but also in developing a good relationship and rapport with his students, something which has continued since the course finished! Thanks Darren



Ive seen so many great PTs qualify and have fantastic careers thanks to Bodycore.



Great relaxed atmosphere at Bodycore so you don’t ever feel out of your depth. Flexible format to suit pretty much everyone.

Done my Levels 2 and 3, and Kettlebell Instructor’s training with them, and got a job pretty soon after too. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to become a Gym Instructor, or a Personal Trainer.



Currently doing my Mentor/Assessor Qualification with Bodycore. Absolutely great support from Tobias and Rosie throughout the course. Such a great group at Bodycore and happy to be a part of it.



I am delighted to have had Darren Marr as my course tutor for my Level 3. Darren helped me engage with clients in a different way from what i was taught before and Ive had good success because of it, training more clients every week. He taught me how to handle different situations when dealing with clients and to have the confidence when teaching classes aswell. The knowledge the man has is second to none and his willingness to help me and other people is different class. Darren has helped me towards being the best in my dream job.



Whilst recently completing a Level 3 Personal Training course with Darren Marr as my tutor I feel that I have fully understood the required content and more! I can safely say I feel ready to undertake my new career with amazing knowledge and confidence. Consistently bringing a unique teaching style whilst making everyone feel comfortable and really helping everyone with their own understanding of subjects shows just how dedicated he is to the cause.



I completed Level 2 and Level 3 with Bodycore. Tobias has built a very professional company that genuinely cares about helping you to be successful. They couldn’t do anything more for you during and after your course. Stephen was a fantastic mentor, very patient and his teaching techniques made getting through the courses possible quicker than what I had originally thought I would be able to. Fantastic experience, great team, highly recommended.

Keep up the great work guys!



Unlike most PT companies, Bodycore sets you up for real world PT!. Darren Marr is a fantastic tutor, who takes pride and care in all his students. We are still in contact to this day and he is always there for help and support. 5\5. Best decision I’ve made! Team bodycore!



Bodycore certified Personal Trainers are highly recognised. The approach in which Bodycore courses are delivered are like no other, allowing students to gain the knowledge and skills required to build a successful business. Tobias and his team of mentors are very professional with many years of experience behind them.



Thoroughly enjoyed having Darren as a tutor and liked his teaching style, as did all of the other students in my class. Very supportive and approachable. Thanks again.



Great experience, really gave me a chance to work on my PT skills. The tutor Darran Marr was a great help and was really with us every step of the way, can’t say enough good things about him.



Since completing my mentorship qualification with Bodycore Training and Tobias, the world of teaching and fitness education has opened up to me and the satisfaction and joy I get from helping others achieve their fitness qualifications, can’t be described.

Tobias and the team at Bodycore Training have been supportive and nurturing in their approaches to teaching and learning.  Learning is easy, exciting, experimental and enjoyable.



Tobias was a pleasure to be around and wanted me to succeed. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again.



Who would a manager, coach and mentor seek in exploring their own journey and choices? Tobias has relaxed, creative and insightful approaches to identify or overcome a stumbling block and will transform negatives like anger, resentment, frustration or injustice into gratitude, potential, clarity and excitement in a way that flows, is productive and feels natural. Tobias promotes personal choice and encourages handling challenge on your terms and in line with your own values.

Most heroes have a cape and less lycra than Tobias, someone give this man a cape!



I found Tobias Moir to be an approachable mentor. Genuinely decent fella. My journey has had a lot of bumps but Tobias has be accommodating to help me through.



Fantastic – hope to come back and do more. Fantastic style of teaching.



I have been part of the mentoring at Bodycore from the very start, it’s great to be part of a team which is at the forefront of the industry.

After becoming qualified from anther fitness provider before Bodycore was around, I realised how great a team Bodycore actually was, with the amount of hands on help and attention giving to the students is second to none.

Mentoring future fitness professional is a very rewarding role for me, being able to pass on my passion, knowledge and experience to help others get into better employment opportunities and doing something they love doing. “If you love what you do, you never WORK a day in your life” is one thing that I can definitely relate to.

At Bodycore we stand by the etiquette of “going the extra Mile”, we want to give the students more than just a certificate. In the past I have helped students start up their own business, let them shadow my clients and bootcamps!

Just basically being there to guide them on the stuff that’s not in the textbook!!!

All my clients are continuing to do extremely well.

George now owns his own gym and personal training business.

Ross runs a successful Bootcamp which has over 100 people a week attending.

No doubt about if I had an education provider like Bodycore when I first qualified I would have got off to a much better start in my career.



It’s was amazing feeling working with an experienced team as a student, and would like to thank Tobias moir and Rosie Moir for being part of my career.



Great experience. Working full time whilst studying has had its challenges, but the support from the Mentor/s and the group has been awesome! If your looking to change or progress your career, Bodycore is the team for you!



Bodycore is the place to go when pursuing your path in personal training. Their Mentors are friendly, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and always available around the clock to assist with your questions. I completed my Level 2 there and will be going ahead with my Level 3. With Bodycore, there is absolute certainty and confidence that you can achieve your PT goals with the wealth of information and support that is provided. Choose Bodycore.



I decided to complete the Level 3 diploma in personal training so I had the knowledge to train more effectively. Bodycore changed all that!!! They gave me self-belief and inspired me to train others. They showed me how to overcome my weaknesses and developed my strengths; strengths I didn’t know I possessed until they were pointed out by their dedicated and professional mentors.  Bodycore is a first-rate company and I hope to continue my self and professional development with them for years to come.



As a Manager and a PT myself, Bodycore embodies all I strive to do education wise with my staff. It’s this alligment of ethos that makes me proud to be a Bodycore Mentor and privileged to help push forward the culture of the new Personal Trainers in the field.



I did Level 2 & Level 3 PT with Bodycore. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience – so much so that I’ve since completed a Kettlebell course along with my Teaching and Assessing qualifications. Mentors and staff are hugely inspirational and encouraging. Proper environment to learn how to be a GREAT personal trainer.



I completed my Level 2 GYM & Level 3 PT with Bodycore Training. The company is very professional and friendly. Mentors are supportive and are always willing to help. I fell in love with the company so much that I married the owner!



Great company and Tobias is a very helpful person. Would recommend 100% to anyone looking for a quality training for personal trainer.



Excellent team to help deliver the Level 2 and Level 3 courses.  Fast pass with no issues.  Highly recommended.



Tobias is a fantastic guy to help get your personal training career started. He’s fun and energetic and has even got me thinking about mentoring in the future. I highly recommend getting on board with Bodycore.



Bodycore and Tobias Moir provided me with the perfect opportunity to develop and further my career within fitness and education. The Bodycore team is nothing short of THE BEST in the UK, and expanding globally.
Having experienced other training providers in the past, which range from poor to very good, working and training with Team Bodycore has shown me the difference in teaching, education and caring about you, the learner.
Bodycore mentors are a class above the rest in the industry and are the most passionate about ensuring our students not only succeed, but are the best PTs in the business.

I’m so proud to be a Bodycore Mentor and so blessed to be helping others learn and begin their careers in the fitness industry.



I was a student of Tobias Moir studying Level 3 Personal Training & various 1 day fitness courses with him. I found him to be a first class choice to do this with.  He has an incredible knowledge range of all aspects of fitness, a great teaching style & went out of his way to make time for students & accommodate around their personal timetables. It was a great experience learning with Tobias & hopefully  will do more work with him in future. On a personal level I found him to be a genuinely approachable decent guy who had great passion for what he was doing & also a very positive & inspirational individual. 5 stars!!



In the short time that Tobias has been mentoring me he has been professional, inspiring kind and patient. You can feel how passionate he is about his work.



Tobias was my Mentor, taking me through my REPs training. He is always 100% professional and rarely seen without a smile on his face. His genuine passion for living a healthy lifestyle inspire those he trains to do the same. I would highly recommend Tobias to anyone as a coach, mentor and incredibly experienced personal trainer.