Active IQ, level 4 qualification in S&C.



Taught by professional power lifters, this advanced qualification will cover a number of topics including explosive strength training, correct lifting technique and defining strength. It will cover all major lifts including the deadlift, back squat, overhead squat, pull up and snatch.
This qualification will set you apart from the average PT. Tap into the competitive clientele base, and excel in this niche market.

Bone, Joints and their Motions, Muscles and their actions

Metabolism, The Pulmonary System and Exercise, Cardiovascular Physiology, Muscle Physiology, Temperature Regulation, Exercise and the Environment, Obesity and Body Composition

Measuring Fitness: Strength, Power, Endurance, Speed, and Agility, Increasing Sports Power through Skill Development and Video, Calories used During Exercise

Principles of Training and Adaptation, Endurance Fitness, Muscle Strength, Exercises for the Chest and Shoulders, Developing the Arms, Developing the Abdominal Muscles, Exercises for the Upper, Middle, and Lower Back, Exercises for the Lower Body, Jumping and Plyometrics, Flexibility, Power and Speed, Designing Training Programs

Football, Basketball, Baseball and Softball, Swimming, Track and Field, Golf, Bodybuilding, Soccer, Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Nutrition for Health and Performance, Ergogenic Aids: Drugs and Supplements

Sports Psychology for the Personal Trainer

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

Topics covered include:

-needs analysis of your athletes
-programming and periodisation
-effective warm ups
-movement patterns, speed & agility
-assessment and monitoring
-introduction to Olympic weightlifting for sports performance

The Workshop will be mainly practical with some theoretical content.



COST £1500