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Becoming A Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Charles Thompson (Small)Becoming a personal trainer means that you get to change your client’s lives for the better. In our experience there is nothing better than seeing someone be interested in becoming fit and smashing their goals – “motivate others and you’ll also motivate yourself to be a better personal trainer”.

A massive advantage of becoming a personal trainer is that you can stay healthy, this is because you will constantly be around the equipment which will allow you to conveniently workout whenever you want. This not only will keep you healthy but it’ll also attract new clients.

There are several benefits of becoming a personal trainer, giving you the advantage of being involved in one of the most rewarding careers that there is.

Before you can reap the benefits of being a personal trainer you will have to achieve the qualifications. That’s were BodyCore Training can help.

Here at BodyCore Training we specialise in providing personal trainer courses that will assist you on your way to becoming a personal trainer.

The personal trainer courses that we offer are internationally recognised, giving you, the learner the opportunity to work not just in Edinburgh but anywhere in the world.

With our courses we take a unique immersion approach to certification. This combines:

  • PT mentoring
  • Gym based immersion training
  • Hardcopy manuals
  • National hub training days
  • A year of PT business mentoring


PT mentoring – this allows you to interact with a successful and inspirational personal trainer. We are currently the only company in Edinburgh and in the whole of the UK who offer a mentor led, PT course.

National hub training days – these are run monthly and are where you will do your exams, perform your observed assessments and hand in your portfolios.

Gym based immersion training in Edinburgh – these are fast paced, hands on, gym based and they include all of the anatomical and physiological terminology that you will need for your theory exams.

We will happily discuss our courses in greater depth if you are someone in Edinburgh who is interested in becoming a personal trainer. Feel free to give us a call on 0800 246 5712.