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Becoming A Personal Trainer Glasgow

Graeme KettlebellsPersonal training is one of the fastest growing industries which means that it’s never been a better time for you to become a personal trainer.

Becoming a personal trainer involves having a multitude of skills, you should be patient, persistent, organised and an effective motivator and listener.

Here at BodyCore training we have a passion for people and offer a wide range of courses that will help you with becoming a personal trainer. We are currently known as Glasgow’s only mentor led personal training certification company and we’re currently the first in the UK to offer the NASM embedded internationally recognised personal training qualification.

The courses that we provide to individuals in Glasgow are as follows:

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Gym & PT Combined
  • Level 2 Emergency First Aid
  • Level 2 Indoor Studio Cycling
  • Kettlebell Teacher Training Course
  • NASM
  • Online Immersion course


There are a wide range of different topics that are covered in each. You can find out what’s covered in each of our courses along with the rest of our course requirements on our courses section.

At BodyCore training we pride ourselves in making quality connections to the UK’s leading edge personal trainers, coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders who motivate and inspire. Doing one of our personal training courses will allow you to live the dream and enjoy a new career in just 8 weeks.

We charge competitive prices for each of the courses that help individuals in Glasgow to become a personal trainer however, the price can vary depending on the course that you choose. We have a full price list which can be found on our courses, structure and prices page.

Should you have any further questions about what becoming a personal trainer involves then just give us a call on 0800 061 4870 or email us at: bodycorementor@gmail.com.