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Personal Trainer Courses Dundee

Ross McGaffneyThere are more and more people in Dundee who are going to personal trainers when they want to lose weight and/or tone their bodies. There are a number of reasons for this, however, perhaps the most common of these reasons is that many people can find it hard to stick to, especially when they don’t know what foods to eat or how to train properly.

Learning to become a personal trainer can take years at college which is why a lot of people in Dundee and throughout the UK prefer to go directly to a training provider as they can go through the course much, much faster.

Our personal trainer courses allow you to gain a recognised qualification that allows you to work as a personal trainer. You’ll walk away knowing how to motivate people and how to build a personalised fitness programme that’s tailored to the unique needs of your client.

The personal trainer courses that we provide are as follows:

  • Level 2 Gym instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Gym & PT combined
  • Level 2 Emergency first aid
  • Level 2 Indoor studio cycling
  • Kettlebell Teacher training course
  • NASM

We also have a number of advanced courses available that you may be interested in.

Our personal trainer courses can be accessed in Dundee and anywhere in the UK. BodyCore Training is also known to provide the only PT course that comes with a job guarantee or your money back.

Further to this, BodyCore Training is the only known provider that gives you access to a PT website that has built in SEO.

Further benefits of using our personal training courses include:

  • An unprecedented 12 months of PT business support
  • 25{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} off all additional CPD courses for the rest of your life
  • There are international opportunities, with you being able to work overseas
  • You’ll receive your own 10-week personal training package

Our personal trainer courses are mentor led, meaning that you’ll be able to learn from a personal trainer who has been in the industry for many years now.

We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and we often have people coming to us asking if there are finance options available. We do offer finance on each of our personal trainer courses which will allow you to pay up the course.

Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have about our personal trainer courses. Just give us a call on 0800 246 5712.