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Personal Trainer Courses St Andrews

The fitness industry has grown by 75{00c9fc3b0c04b1c5d0a150e1e4af74c5798b192c7044c1cd852c32d3af5e6a7d} over the last decade so if you are passionate about fitness then there is no better time to kick start your career.

There are a number of skills required for you to become a good personal trainer in St Andrews.  You should be a patient person, organised, an effective motivator and a good listener. You should be someone who loves working with different types of people.

If you have decided that you have what it takes the next step is to get the qualifications behind you. – This is where BodyCore Training can help.

At BodyCore Training we provide personal trainer courses that will give you everything that you need to enter into the health and fitness industry with confidence and sound knowledge; to stay at the top of your game.

We have more than one personal trainer course to choose from, so you can be confident that you will find the course that suits your needs.

Our personal trainer courses are mentor led by PTs who are already qualified. The aim of the mentor is to support you, the trainee and it will help to ensure your success in this industry.

We take a unique immersion approach to certification that combines: PT mentoring, gym based immersion training, hardcopy manuals, national hub training days and a year of PT business mentoring.

Our national hub training days are monthly and are where you will do your exams, carry out your performed assessments and hand in your portfolios.

The immersion sessions are fast paced and hands on, in a gym in St Andrews. You can expect the immersion sessions to cover all of the anatomical and physiological terminology that you will be expected to know for your theory exams.

Once you have qualified you will be able to apply for work in St Andrews as a personal trainer. We have a lot of opportunities here at BodyCore Training, with us offering a job or your money back. You will also be able to branch out on your own and start your own private personal training business.