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Personal Trainer Courses Wales

Jayne NisbetThe most important qualities that a personal trainer should have is passion, compassion and knowledge. A personal trainer should also have a realistic pathway in mind for helping their clients reach their goals and ultimately, see the results that they are looking for. One of the best things about the fitness industry is that it is not ageist, meaning that you can become a personal trainer from the age of 18 or 40 and remain an excellent trainer.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding benefits of being a personal trainer is helping people to reach their goals. Obviously these goals will vary from weight loss and gaining muscle to helping someone recover from a serious injury.

When you are a fully qualified personal trainer you will meet loads of people in Wales that you can help, learn from and who can help you to discover an area of interest that you might like to specialise in.

It isn’t just as easy as deciding you want to be a personal trainer and attempting to help people, you need to have the knowledge behind you. That’s where we come in.

At BodyCore Training we provide a comprehensive range of personal trainer courses that are internationally recognised – yes you can work anywhere in the world!

Our personal trainer courses cover both advanced cardiovascular and muscular techniques and training systems.

Some examples of what you will learn in our personal trainer courses are as follows:

  • You will know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity
  • You will learn about health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • You will know more about the principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • You will know the anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  • You will know about programming personal training with clients
  • You will be able to deliver personal training sessions
  • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme


We offer immersion training which involves weekly training days with one of our BodyCore mentors. You and other learners in Wales who are on one of our personal trainer courses can expect the immersion training days to focus on preparing you for your observed assessment and the real world of personal training.

You can expect this part of the training to involve an hour of review on sections that you have studied during the week and for there to be a focus on setting SMART goals for the next week as well as assessing your portfolio.

The BodyCore mentor that you have will also spend an hour in the gym preparing you for your observed assessment.

We charge decent prices for our personal trainer courses and a lot of our customers in Wales choose to use our finance options to spread the cost of the course.

Our team can tell you more about our personal trainer courses should you want more information. Feel free to give them a call on 0800 246 5712.