These terms and conditions apply immediately upon receipt of your deposit or full payment to Body Core Training LTD.

• There is a no refund policy on all courses effective immediately upon purchase.

* When paying deposit, you are entering into a contract to pay the balance outstanding in full.

• You have 6 months per level to complete the course unless otherwise arranged with the managing director. Contact bodycorementor@gmail.com to arrange an extension.

• Manuals will not be sent out until we have received a returned registration form and proof of identification.

• Manuals will not be sent until a Gocardless mandate has been accepted and set up.

• If you miss a monthly payment, a penalty of one £200 per month missed, is added to your balance, which may delay you receiving your certificates.

• BODYCORE deals with external PT MENTORS who take on the full responsibility of training you, the student.

* Trainees are responsible for making a copy of their portfolio BEFORE submitting it to their PT MENTOR.

• All PT MENTORS are freelance, and therefore all communication regarding the arrangement of sessions should be directed to your chosen or allocated PT MENTOR.

• BODYCORE act as agents to the PT MENTORS, and are therefore not responsible for the arrangement of observed assessments, marking of portfolios, or preparation for theory exams.

• BODYCORE supplies the intellectual property and all course material including; hardcopy manuals, portfolios, guidance notes & mock exams.

• It is the students’ responsibility to book in any future sessions with their PT MENTOR, once initial contact is made.

• Certificates will not be released until full payment is made.

• External mentors will send you a ‘PART PAID’ or ‘PAID IN FULL’ invoice to you for your financial records.

•Once you commit to a CPD course date, you lose the fee if you don’t show up on the day.

•BODYCORE’s 25% off CPD for external Mentors and training HUBS depends upon their being ‘active.’ We define being ‘active’ as having sold a course to a student in the same month as the mentor/hub is applying for the 25% off. The course sold needs to be of a value of the level 2 gym qualification or above (£950 or more).