To teach is to inspire…

Do you want to use your experience to mentor the next generation of Personal Trainers?

At BODYCORE, we are committed to the personal and professional development of our trainees. We build strong, successful and inspiring Personal Trainers through our PT MENTOR® led training programmes.

We pride ourselves in the community that we have created to support our trainees in discovering their true potential.

If you have a background in fitness, you are compassionate, and you have a drive to teach others, then becoming a PT MENTOR® is something you should consider!

BODYCORE created our signature PT MENTOR® approach out of a need for a modern approach to learning, as well as to provide an excellent customer experience.

As a PT MENTOR® you will spend time with your trainee(s) in the gym environment, preparing them for their observed assessment, whilst putting their anatomical knowledge into action!

It will be up to you to inspire your trainee(s) to believe in their ability and to surpass any limits they put on themselves.

How do you do this?

  • Value the trainee as a person
  • Be compassionate and understanding
  • Develop mutual trust and respect
  • Maintain confidentiality

Everyone starts at the bottom, use the experiences that shaped your chapter 1 to encourage and motivate your trainee(s). If you made mistakes, be open and honest about them. The lessons you learnt will ensure the trainee can move towards their goals by avoiding the things you know didn’t work during your journey.

Life can get the better of all us, especially when you are studying, so checking in with your trainee(s) on a personal level, to make sure they are coping in their personal life as well as with the course content is a solid way to build a trusting relationship.

A fantastic aspect of the BODYCORE courses are the flexibility they offer, so be mindful that your trainee(s) will have other commitments. Ensuring they are handling the workload and the pace is key to their success and to you being the best PT MENTOR® you can be.

Is it time for you to take that leap of faith?

Get in touch today to find out more about how to become a PT MENTOR®!