Why is being a Personal Trainer so rewarding?

BODYCORE was founded in 2013 by managing director Tobias Moir. His education in life coaching, counselling skills and behavioural change, inspired him in the creation of the PT MENTOR™ led, personal training course you’ve heard so much about! 

Are you thinking about becoming a personal trainer?
Here are just a few benefits that come with a career as a fitness professional:

1. Bringing out the best version of your clients

The journey you take as a PT is both fulfilling and meaningful. 

It is your duty to build a safe and trusting environment between you and your client. Once they feel comfortable around you, and confident that you are the correct match for them, they will place their trust in you and open up about their health and wellbeing struggles and goals.

Together you will create a plan of action that will fire up motivation and inspiration within your client. As you both begin to see the results of your commitment to one another, the hunger to excel to the next stage of goal setting will take hold of each of you. 

The relationship between a personal trainer and their client is built upon honesty, determination, and pride.
As a client’s confidence grows, their mental wellbeing, health, and lifestyle will begin to improve. To know that you are responsible for this change, is truly heartwarming.

2. Meeting new people

The role of a PT allows you to connect with people from all walks of life.

You will get to learn from the experiences of your client and likewise, your client will learn from you too.
Meeting new people will open your eyes up to a world of new opportunities as well as potential referrals. 

Often you will strike up a working relationship with someone you wouldn’t necessarily come into contact with outside of the gym, this can encourage you to adopt new perspectives on topics you may have previously had a particular view on. 

Being a PT is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons in various aspects of life.

3. Offering guidance

Is there anything more gratifying than imparting your knowledge into someone else?

This is something you will continuously do as a PT. You are responsible for educating your client around fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. You will listen to their requirements and design programs and sessions around them. 
A client looks up to you. 

You are the person who is going to ensure they are performing exercises correctly and making the best lifestyle choices.

Do you enjoy seeing others succeed in achieving their goals?
If you answered yes, then BODYCORE is the training provider for you!
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