Would you like to expand your knowledge into sports massage therapy and support those who are currently in discomfort?

With the majority of the UK currently working from home, slumped over laptops at dinner tables or on sofas, it is easy for them to forget to pay attention to their posture.

This Lockdown feels neverending…doesn’t it?

The uncertainty surrounding COVID has been causing heightened anxiety for many. It doesn’t take long for the emotional and mental discomfort to show up as physical discomfort in our body.

Often stress can evolve into tension across the shoulders or in the neck. It can also trigger digestive issues. Physical pain is the last thing anyone wants when they are working overtime as well as supporting their family with homeschooling and other commitments.

BODYCORE’S Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy provides Trainees with a combination of knowledge and skills to be recognised as a qualified sports massage therapist.

The qualification is suitable for individuals who wish to pursue or further a career in sports massage, providing sports massage therapy to a wide range of clients, inclusive of sports performers, athletes and individuals suffering from day to day problems such as repetitive strain injury, sprains, tension and fatigue.

The qualification is recognised by the Complementary and Natural Care Council (CNHC) and the General Council for Massage Therapies (GCMT)

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

  • Reduction in muscular pain, muscle tension and discomfort
  • Increased range of motion, leading to enhanced performance
  • Decreased muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise or physical activity
  • Reduced recovery time post injury
  • Increased levels of relaxation and reduction in physical and psychological stress levels
  • Aids sleep quantity and quality

If you’re ready for a career change, or you would like to upskill, get in touch with us and let’s make your dreams a reality!